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AMAZON In-Memory Analytics

AMAZON Overview

SPICE uses a combination of columnar storage, in-memory technology, machine code generation, and data compression to quickly run queries on large datasets. Amazon Web Services has launched EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), a high memory cluster instance designed to be suited to memory intensive analytics. AWS EC2 lets business users have high-memory cluster instances designed with in-memory analytics, caching, and scientific computing.


Amazon offers Amazon QuickSight, which is considered as the only visualized front-end cloud BI dashboard solution that also has the capabilities of API and a data engine. Amazon QuickSight is a part of Amazon’s growing cloud big data analytics portfolio. QuickSight lets business users analyze data residing in various AWS repository, including RedShift data warehouse, Elastic MapReduce, and Amazon relational database services. AWS In-Memory Engine Spice assist users to transform data into accurate insights through its analytical capabilities.

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AMAZON Presence in In-Memory Analytics Software
Amazon has significantly increased its development activities methodologies for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as it moves from primarily servicing small and mid-size businesses to large enterprises. Amazon’s existing market growth strategy has been to lower the prices for its services, along with continuous additions to its product and service offerings. AWS has been inclined towards organic growth strategy for further enhancing its market share and presence. For instance, AWS recently launched Amazon QuickSight, AWS SPICE, and AWS EC2 to widen its cloud-based BI platform. It is expected that Amazon will carry on with the same low pricing strategy and organic growth strategy for further growth of Amazon Web Services.

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