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MicroStrategy provides significant features to support its state-of-the-art in-memory analytics, which includes improved memory usage for data refresh for partitioned intelligent cubes, improved flexible partitioning for multi-table cubes, and improved in-memory cube troubleshooting. In-memory datasets can be created using MicroStrategy OLAP Services and MicroStrategy’s Parallel Relational In-Memory Engine (PRIME). OLAP Services is an extension of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server and uses Intelligent Cube Technology, an in-memory version of report data that can be manipulated by the MicroStrategy Analytical Engine. The OLAP services are a combination of Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing (MOLAP) and Relational Online Analytical Processing (ROLAP), which allow organizations to analyze reports obtained directly from the in-memory intelligent cubes, instead of from the data warehouse and manipulate them in real time. Request MICROSTRATEGY INCORPORATED Pricing to get more information.


The advantages of using MicrsoStrategy’s in-memory analytics are that it provides a broader schema support along with a broader analytic functionality and search indexing, which significantly reduces the computation time required for analytics. The major disadvantage of using PRIME is that it is not an open database that runs transactions or connects to third-party BI apps. Only MicroStrategy software can connect to PRIME which can be a hindrance to organizations using third-party apps.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +5 Cloud
  • +13 On-Premise
  • +12 Blog
  • +13 Whitepapers
  • +6 AWS
  • +14 Hadoop
  • +7 Specify Others
  • +12 Data Discovery
  • +11 Data Governance
  • +9 Data Preparation
  • +6 Data Visualization
  • +8 Mobile BI
  • +10 Real-time Analytics
  • +7 Robust Reporting
  • +13 Other Features
  • +6 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • +9 Deployment
  • +10 Support and Services
  • +6 Product Offerings
  • +10 On-Site Support
  • -8 BFSI
  • -14 Energy & Utilities
  • -10 Government & Defense
  • -11 Healthcare & Lifesience
  • -12 Manufacturing
  • -5 Media & Entertainment
  • -9 Retail & Ecommerce
  • -7 Other End Users
  • -9 Licenses
  • -14 Enterprise
  • -13 Customer experience management
  • -11 Financial management
  • -12 Predictive asset management
  • -14 Product and process management
  • -8 Risk management & Fraud Detection
  • -9 Sales & Marketing optimization
  • -10 Supply chain optimization
  • -5 Others (Network management. Workforce management)
  • -5 Apache Spark
  • -14 Managed services
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MICROSTRATEGY INCORPORATED presence in In-Memory Analytics Software

The company mainly follows an organic growth strategy by focusing on innovations and improving the existing products. The company’s strategy focuses on the ability to maintain and enhance its product line and develop products which achieve market acceptance and maintain technological competitiveness. The launch of MicroStrategy 10.6 in December 2016 improved its presence in the in-memory analytics market. MicroStrategy 10.6 provides improved in-memory performance with features that allow organizations to improve their computation speed by using in-memory. The company focuses on R&D and had 461 employees dedicated for this purpose as of December 2015. By partnering with QueBIT in January 2017, the company could increase its clientele in the North American region as QueBIT agreed to add MicroStrategy to its portfolio of solutions.

Top Features

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  3. Features Offered / Data Discovery
  4. Features Offered / Data Preparation
  5. Features Offered / Mobile BI
  6. Features Offered / Data Governance
  7. Features Offered / Real-time Analytics
  8. Features Offered / Data Visualization
  9. Features Offered / Robust Reporting
  10. Features Offered / Other Features
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