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ORACLE In-Memory Analytics


It also lets organizations with enterprise BI platform as well as in-memory analytics software and hardware to optimize and work together and access all Oracle and non-Oracle enterprise data sources. Oracle provides managed cloud services as a part of its service offerings. These services help organizations accelerate time to deployment, improve system performance, and reduce business risks. The company offers applications managed cloud services, technology managed cloud services, and extended managed cloud services as a part of its service offerings.


Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine assists users in achieving comprehensive in-memory analytics performance for business intelligence and enterprise performance management applications. The optimized system utilizes best-in-class hardware, BI Software, and in-memory database technology to provide quick analysis with a higher level of intelligence, simplicity, and manageability. Oracle Database In- Memory adds in-memory database functionality to the existing databases without any modifications or changes in programming of applications. It can be deployed with applications compatible with Oracle Databases 12c. It enhances data warehouses, data analysis, and mixed workload OLTP databases. Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine hardware is an optimally configured server architected to enable in-memory analytics for business intelligence workloads and includes powerful compute capacity, abundant memory, fast storage, and fast networking options, and supports direct attached storage options.

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ORACLE CORPORATION Presence in In-Memory Analytics Software
Apart from developing a scalable product portfolio company, the company has actively participated in various market expansion strategies such as acquisitions, partnerships, collaboration, agreements, and new product launches and product innovation. For in-memory analytics market, Oracle has been more inclined towards its in-house growth strategy with more emphasis towards organic growth. Oracle has launched several new products and product extensions to further enhance its Oracle Exalytics in-memory machine, considered as one of the best in-memory analytics platform in the industry. The company also had a collaboration with SAP for implementing SAP HANA applications with Oracle In-Memory database. As in-memory technology is witnessing exponential growth, Oracle Corporation is further expected to invest its financial resources in this market to enhance its hold in the in-memory analytics market.


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#5 Software Applications Catered / Risk management & Fraud Detection


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