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Pentaho Business Analytics includes an extreme scale in-memory analytics to remove the performance versus scalability constraints which arise with the use of traditional data analysis solutions. Technologies such as data discovery, visualization, and analysis are also available with Pentaho Business Analytics which make it possible for organizations to gather and assimilate data from different software systems. The major advantage of using Pentaho Business Analytics is that it consists of a standard relational database on the backend from where data can be taken and loaded into the main memory. Organizations can choose what data gets loaded into memory and manage the data cache which provides flexibility unlike other vendors.


Pentaho entered the in-memory analytics market with its product Pentaho Business Analytics which provides improvements to data analysis performance, scalability, and reliability with support for cloud-scale distributed in-memory caching systems, new performance tuning aids, and analysis of more big data sources. The product has started to gain recognition because of its enhanced features such as in-memory analytics, in-memory aggregation, and adding new analytics data sources. Pentaho also provides data discovery and visualization with Pentaho Business Analytics to allow organizations simplify data processing by incorporating self-service into it. The interactive visual analysis being provided by Pentaho has extreme scale in-memory data caching which allows speedy analysis of large data sets and generate comprehensive solutions for reporting.

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PENTAHO CORPORATION Presence in In-Memory Analytics Software
The comprehensive data integration and business analytics platform provided by Pentaho is already catering a rich clientele base, which includes Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence, NASDAQ, and Homeland Security. The company believes in innovation and upgrades its base products to provide extra functionalities which can help organizations implement analytics in a better way. For instance, the company launched Pentaho Business Analytics 7.0 in October 2016, which is a single platform which can be used to prepare and visualize data from anywhere in the analytics pipeline. Pentaho also uses an organic approach to improve its market presence. For instance, it opened an office in Japan in September 2016 to expose the Japanese to their business analytics offerings and establish a strong foothold in that market.


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