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CISCO Edge IoT Analytics Platform


CISCO Edge IoT Analytics streamlines the production processes in various verticals, including energy and utilities, connected automobile, and smart manufacturing. In the energy and utilities sector, CISCO Edge IoT Analytics uses predictive asset management, smart grid, and smart meter management. It enables organizations to avoid calamitous downtime by predicting future issues. Cisco has designed Network for Industry 4.0, which connects the client's digital factory with the industrial networking leader, provides end to end industrial security, offers real time visibilit to maximize productivity.


Cisco offers the Edge IoT Analytics platform as its prime offering in the industrial analytics market. CISCO Edge IoT Analytics platform allows organizations to align the expertise of applications, sensors, and security services providers for ensuring enterprise assets work efficiently together for analyzing and delivering data accurately. Furthermore, it facilitates timely decisions which reduce costs and increase revenues. Cisco also offers Data Virtualization solution which is an agile data integration software that makes it easier for the users to access all their data and queries across the network.

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CISCO SYSTEMS INC Presence in Industrial Analytics Software
Cisco provides its products and solutions across 3 geographical regions, namely, Americas, APJC, and EMEA. The company caters to diverse business houses comprising large enterprises, commercial businesses, service providers, and consumers. Additionally, it serves almost all the verticals, including oil and gas, manufacturing, energy and retail, hospitality, retail, BFSI, and sports and entertainment. The company invests heavily in R&D activities to provide regular product updates and constant market innovations. Cisco has adopted various organic and inorganic growth strategies to serve its customers with better services and to expand its clientele throughout the globe. In February 2017, the company introduced the Edge-to-Enterprise IoT Analytics Platform in collaboration with SAS Institute to develop and sell the Edge-to-Enterprise IoT Analytics platform to its customers. As a part of its inorganic growth strategy, Cisco has collaborated and partnered with various companies and has acquired some startup companies. In October 2015, Cisco acquired ParStream, an analytics database provider that allows customers to analyze big data and store it in the near real-time across the network. The acquisition would strengthen Cisco’s data and analytics portfolio.


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