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HPE Vertica Industrial Analytics offers an end-to-end industrial analytics portfolio through HPE Vertica Analytics platform. It is the most accessible analytics database platform which provides real time analytics by integrating with SQL, Java, Python and R, as well as it provides support to Business Intelligence (BI) and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) vendors. HPE Vertica Industrial Analytics helps in managing massive data generated through sensors and analyze it in high speed. The company offers Compute which helps in reducing time to market without compromising the quality. The solution keeps iteration turnaround times really low. It models and tests with dependable outputs that quickly aid engineering decisions. Request HPE Pricing to get more information.


HPE Vertica Industrial Analytics platform can be deployed on-premises, Hadoop, or on cloud. Further, the company provides HPE IDOL which is a next-generation enterprise search data analytics platform used for unstructured data with machine learning. HPE Vertica Industrial Analytics allows users to search and analyze text, image, audio, and video from virtually any source. The company offers Transformation Services which leverage the understanding of an industry leader in digital era advisory and transformation services to support users to achieve better digital experiences.


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HPE Presence in Industrial Analytics Software
HPE caters to various industry verticals including, healthcare, government, education, eCommerce, retail, travel, and media. The company has adopted organic and inorganic strategies in order to expand its products and solutions in the industrial analytics market. For instance, in 2016, HPE launched a new product, namely, HPE Vertica 8 (Frontloader), a new generation of Vertica 8. It allows organizations to analyze and deploy data throughout the industry. Further, it provides unified architecture for the marketers to gain intelligence from their information. Additionally, in 2015, the company has introduced HPE Edgeline IoT Systems, which allows customers to analyze data in real time and gain control over devices and things. Subsequently, as part of its inorganic growth strategy, the company has entered into various partnerships and collaborations. For instance, in November 2016, HPE collaborated with Nokia in order to leverage IoT solutions to smart city and industrial/manufacturing customers. Further, in October 2016, the company collaborated with PTC to provide Converged IoT Solutions which is integrated with PTC’s ThingWorx software and HPE’s Edgeline Systems.
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