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IBM Watson Industrial Analytics Solutions


IBM's intelligent assets and equipment factor uses analytics and cognitive competencies to detect, communicate, and solve the issues occurred during production. In addition, IBM Watson Industrial Analytics helps in performance optimization and minimizes the industrial outage. Further, cognitive process and operations factor analyzes different types of information from context, workflow, and environment for quality improvement and decision-making. The smart resource and optimization factor uses analytics to optimize the resources related to the production floor, and provides a safe working environment for its workers.


IBM offers industrial analytics through Watson analytics solutions, which help businesses to develop specialized integrated solutions to deal with industry and business challenges. Furthermore, Watson Analytics Solution enables manufacturers to apply industrial analytics and cognitive capabilities in the manufacturing industry to digitize and optimize remote manufacturing process areas. IBM Watson Industrial Analytics leverages various features, including smart equipment maintenance, smart factory operations, smart product design, smart quality, smart supply chain management, smart employee safety, and smart energy. The cognitive manufacturing acts as an interface between human and machine. It works through 3 factors, including intelligent assets and equipment, cognitive process and operations, and smart resources and optimization.

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IBM CORPORATION Presence in Industrial Analytics Software
IBM has been an eminent player in the industrial analytics market and has a strong presence in various industry verticals. The company provides high-end analytics and cloud computing solutions, globally. It invests heavily in its R&D activities and has invested around 7% of its revenue on R&D. It has majorly adopted organic business strategies by launching new products in the industrial analytics market. For instance, in April 2016, IBM launched a new solution of Watson Internet of Things to provide cognitive assistance to the manufacturers, regarding quality improvement and minimization of manufacturing defects. Subsequently, in May 2015, IBM launched 20 new industry-based solutions, which can predict business requirements in each industry, provide them with required solutions, and optimize their production. Further, as a part of its inorganic strategy, the company has made various partnerships and collaborations. For instance, in October 2016, IBM entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with Schaeffler, an automotive and industrial supplier, to provide Watson’s cognitive intelligence to accelerate the digital transformation of Schaeffler’s operations.


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