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MICROSOFT Azure Industrial Analytics Software


Microsoft Azure Industrial Analytics provides end-to-end solution for factory maintenance, repair, and operation. In addition, the Azure analytics solution analyzes the data related to energy consumption and recognizes the maintenance requirement of any machine, and automatically creates work orders to avoid maintenance culture within a shop floor. The company also offers an Analytics Platform System which offers a purpose-built, on-premises data warehouse platform. It also provides rapid insights by leveraging parallel processing collaborated with big data integration to query across cloud and Hadoop clusters.


Microsoft offers Azure analytics solutions to facilitate smart manufacturing to the businesses. Microsoft Azure Industrial Analytics uses advanced analytics to analyze data, collected through sensors, which helps businesses to predict the requirement of device maintenance. Further, it decreases the unplanned outage, which impacts the productivity and reduces the cost associated with it. The connected remote monitoring system, facilitated by the Azure Analytics Suite, can be deployed in several use cases; for instance, analyzing data, generated through machines, on shop floor helps in real-time decision-making.

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MICROSOFT CORPORATION Presence in Industrial Analytics Software
Microsoft has been a leading vendor in providing a diverse set of software, licensing solutions, and hardware products across various industry verticals. The company has been investing heavily in R&D to cater to the demands of its client base. For instance, it spent 13% of its revenue on R&D, in 2016. Furthermore, it has adopted inorganic growth strategies to expand its footprint in the world, and serve the customer needs in a better manner. For instance, in July 2016, Microsoft partnered with General Electric to connect industrial machines with cloud. General Electric has combined its Predix industrial data gathering operating system with the cloud computing platform, Azure, provided by Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics to strengthen its machine-learning product portfolio. The company offers its business solutions in over 100 countries across the world, in the regions of North America, APAC, Latin America, MEA, and Europe. Microsoft’s customers include large enterprises, SMEs, individuals, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


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