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Idea Box Brightidea Innovation Management Software is the Best Innovation management software in North America. Idea Box acts as the central hub for connecting and managing different innovative initiatives, crowdsources and collaborates on ideas while measuring the success at each stage. Brightidea Innovation Management Software offers the on-cloud idea management software which is highly implemented by mid-sized companies and enterprises. With large customer base and outstanding features Brightidea Idea Box is ruling the market as Best Innovation management software in North America. Brightidea pricing is not disclosed by the vendor but can be availed by contacting the vendor directly.

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Brightidea Innovation Management Software is designed to run any innovation initiative with its applications like Brightidea Discuss, Brightidea Solve, Brightidea Hack, Brightidea Incubate, Brightidea Pitch, Brightidea Monitor, Brightidea Understand, and Brightidea Suggest. The software can be used on android and iOS apps with ease. Idea Box comes with various technologically advanced features that ensures all the ideas are managed well and measures their impact. This Best Innovation management software in North America offers the collaboration platform for users which can be used for sharing ideas and for commenting on ideas shared by others. There are multiple filters in the platform that can be used for viewing all the comments depending on the team commented, topic of idea and other specific comments. The ideas shared by the users are rated and evaluated depending on how feasible it is along with its cost effectiveness. With its portals users are able to propose the business expansion ideas which can be evaluated and approved by the managers. The portal also enables users in comparing the actual and future financial impact. Brightidea pricing can be explored by the users by contacting the vendor.

Brightidea Software provides 15 innovation applications. The software can be integrated with Amazon echo and slack. Its other technically advanced features include innovation lab management, it runs innovation challenges and also tracks user’s innovation return on investment. The technical specifications of Brightidea in the nutshell includes: its deployment type is Software as a service, the mobile application supports both android and apple iOS. Being the best innovation management software in North America, it is implemented not only in the North America region but across the globe. The software can be used in multiple languages and can be customized as per user requirements. The other major features of the Idea Box software in innovation comprise Collaboration, discussion threads, engagement monitoring, evaluation workflow, feedback management, gamification, idea ranking, crowdsourcing, voting, and trend tracking. The idea management features of the best innovation management software in North America includes activity or news feed, collaborative work, innovation process management, ideation, mind map, status tracking, and workflow management. The company ensures that the users get live technical support for 24/7. There are various trainings available for the users which are in person, live or online, webinars as well as documentations. With these trainings users get good hang of the software and can make the best out of it.

Brightidea Pricing

Brightidea Pricing starts at $5,000 annually. Brightidea being the Best Innovation management software in North America comes with competitive Brightidea Pricing in the market. The Brightidea pricing is in line with the competitors in the Innovation management software platform. However detailed Brightidea Pricing is not disclosed by the company. Users can contact the vendor for Brightidea Pricing along with their requirements for getting competitive Brightidea Pricing for the Idea Box innovation platform.

Brightidea Demo

Brightidea comes with the software demo for its innovation management platform. The link for the demo is available on the vendor website. Users can register on the demo link for getting avail of the demo for the software. Brightidea Pricing can also be explored once all the features and specifications of the software are explored. Brightidea Pricing can be customized as per the users requirements.


Quick and easy ideas collection

Brightidea software does not require customizations and it comes with streamlined interface by making participation easy. The software comes with mobile application which lets users to work collaboratively. The return on investment and business impact can be tracked with ease by using the analytics for getting better insights.

Vigorous innovation pipeline

The Brightidea is the on-cloud software which is used for collating user’s ideas. Users can share their ideas as per their convenience, from their office desk or even while travelling. Managing these ideas is the easy task as the software comes with the drag and drop feature along with the instinctive idea assessment tool. Idea Box innovation platform can be used easily for collecting, managing, and tracking the accomplishment.

Scalable platform

The software comes with various advanced features that makes it more creative when it comes to idea sharing for the users. The software is scalable and can be customized as per user’s requirements. The company does not charge for services that are not required by the user. Idea Box can be upgraded to provide tool that helps in managing and automating the higher volume of collected ideas.

Easy employee participation

Brightidea comes with the feature which makes it easy for employees for participating in innovation, for sharing ideas, and get recognition for their ideas without any classroom training. Employees get proper recognition through website, mobile application, email recognition or Amazon echo.

Launch targeted initiatives

With the help of this tool users can achieve quick wins. The tool is designed for helping small teams in running large innovation program. The application enables users in launching targeted innovation initiatives, engages employees and delivers quantifiable results.

Real-time ROI

Brightidea eases all the innovation management tasks right from idea generation to assessment to execution. The software comes with the vigorous measurement tool that tracks each stage of innovation process in real time and shows the return on investment in real time basis.

Tracking and evaluating a business opportunity

The Brightidea software empowers users with applications for discovering outside prospects. With the software it becomes possible in tracking and evaluating every startup or innovative idea that can be very beneficial for the company’s business.

Infrastructure management

Best Innovation management software in North America streamlines the project along with the business impact. The software is used for tracking and automating workflows. It centrally manages the renovation of product, facilities, and interior processes & activities.


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Judah thornewill phd 's requirement
"We’re organizing a very large innovation network…thousands of users…already have 47 universities…multiple faculty …etc. Hundreds or thousands of companies, government. for solving big national and Galvan healthcare problems…designed to last 10 years First space is improving vaccine and medication use. Non profit. Not sure if this is a fit. Partner somehow? White label your solution? LDAP integration as we grow? "
Iraklis Agiovlasitis's requirement
"I am looking for innovation management assessment tools. The assessments help to identify the clients’ opportunities in becoming more: - successful in managing their innovation process and launching their innovations, - resilient to shocks by enhanced levels of digitalisation and innovation, - sustainable in terms of environmental, economic and social indicators. My budget is 15.000 and we are taking the decision until the end of February. "
Denis's requirement
"I am targeting 5000 users - with access to all useful functionalities - mostly to run challenges within our company. PS: Please contact me by e-mail preferrably"
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Brightidea Reviews


Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

Feb 07, 2021

“Built innovation culture with this tool”

This is the best solution for everyday business challenges. The tool is best for collaborating and helps in managing the ideas and innovation process.
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James Smith

Jan 17, 2021

“Best for idea management and control”

Brightidea is one of the best investment that we have made. It is userfriendly and flexible tool for all the processes in the organization.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Dec 18, 2020

“Engages employees and improves ROI”

After implementing this software, we are able to engage our employees in the effective way. It is easy to setup and can be integrated in business processes.
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Brightidea Presence in Innovation Management Software
Brightidea Incorporated is one of the leading companies in the innovation management market, and its mission is to maximize the innovation potential of the people across the globe. Enterprise innovation management software offered by the company enables organizations to achieve their highest potential by fully harnessing the creative capacities of their employees through crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and unique innovation management tools.
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