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IDEASCALE in Innovation Management Software


IdeaScale is one of the unique vendors in the innovation management market as it offers a freemium model, which is a free basic version of the innovation management solutions that offers customized functionality to its paying customers. The company not only faces challenges related to the response mechanism of its feedback platform but also in the upgrading of its idea assessment tool, reporting mechanism, workflow management, and ROI calculations.


IdeaScale offers an innovation management platform for small businesses, governments, financial enterprises, healthcare organizations, and technology companies, which enables them to connect with their employees and customers to gather ideas to improve their decision-making, enhance their productivity, and identify new business strategies for their clients. The company also offers the IdeaBuzz platform to address challenges faced by its customers with the help of a curated group of innovators.

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IDEASCALE Presence in Innovation Management Software
IdeaScale focuses on key areas, including advanced reporting and analytics to provide actionable data to its customers and clients in both, online as well as offline contexts, group structures, and project ownerships. It also offers actionable data to measure the success of organizations and ensure ROI calculation. IdeaScale aims to establish a comprehensive network between organizations and individuals for sharing their ideas, using IdeaBuzz platform. The company focuses on inorganic growth strategies, such as acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations to enhance its position in the innovation management market. In July 2015, IdeaScale partnered with InnovationManagement.se (IM) to serve its customers in Sweden. The company also focuses on organic growth strategies, such as new product launches. For instance, in February 2015, the company launched the latest version of its cloud-based innovation platform to enhance its product portfolio with new functionalities, such as idea refinement. Due to its crowdsource-based innovation platform, IdeaScale is one of the key players in the global innovation management market.

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