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Planview Spigit has a comprehensive product portfolio for enterprises and offers high-quality innovation management technologies to its customers. The company provides the Spigit innovation management platform, which is an easy to manage and configure solution that supports the growth of various programs and ensures their scalability at the enterprise level. This platform does not require additional team resourcing and develops solutions based on different ideas with the greatest business values through defined stages of organizations. Request PLANVIEW SPIGIT Pricing to get more information.


Planview Spigit maximizes engagements as well as collaborations with employees, customers, and partners. The benefits of innovation management offered by Spigit are that it automatically implements ideas and innovation tools that work everywhere, turn ideas into outcomes, crowdsource innovations, and ensure software security. Spigit innovation management platform provides improved enterprise security, scalability, and accessibility to organizations, which makes it a standout product from its competitors.

Planview Spigit Pricing

Detailed Planview Spigit Pricing is not disclosed by the vendor. But the Planview Spigit pricing is in line with the competitors in the Innovation Management Software market. For more details on Planview Spigit pricing, please contact the vendor.

Planview Spigit Demo

The vendor offers demo and free trial of the software. Link for the demo is available on the vendor website. There are various programs on the website for which vendor can select the demo. Users can have free trial the software. For availing the Planview Spigit pricing post demo and trial users can contact the vendor directly.


Employee Engagement

By using the software, users can engage employees into innovation management and form the innovation culture in the organization that can transform the business in the market.

Idea Management

The software enables users to communicate challenges and opportunities across the organization, generate and capture new ideas, and manage the entire process of evaluation, prioritization, and collaboration.

Crowdsourced Decision Making

The software enables users in leveraging data, technology, and employees for better decision-making process with the help of crowdsourcing.

Idea Selection

The software helps users to use quantitative reviews and qualitative evaluations to choose ideas with the strongest business case, and hand them off to deliver solutions or export them to delivery management tools via APIs.

Innovation Delivery

With Spigit, it becomes possible to transfer the relevant information like selection criteria, implementation cost, business value add, and revenue predictions in an effective way.

Innovation Metrics

With the metrics users can calculate how ideas are progressing, the total cost to impact, speed to market, employee engagement, and many other data points.


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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

Mar 11, 2021

“Happy with the tool”

It helps in managing large set of ideas. It manages the progress and also all the daily tasks and creates innovation functionalities.
Useful (0) Not useful (0)

James Smith

Feb 13, 2021

“Extremely good when it comes to collaboration”

Spigit is ideal for managing and creating new innovative ideas. It is very useful and easy to use tool.
Useful (0) Not useful (0)

Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Jan 27, 2021

“Sometimes does not work well”

According to me, the interface is not that great and get error messages time to time
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PLANVIEW SPIGIT Presence in Innovation Management Software
Planview Spigit focuses on customer needs and helps organizations enhance their businesses through intelligent innovation management services. Spigit is among the leading vendors of innovation management platforms in the innovation management market with a strong value chain. The innovation management software offered by the company is implemented by more than 5 million users across more than 150 countries. In April 2016, Spigit launched an application for new mobile experience that helps organizations in engaging their employees for long durations for the idea generation process. This helped the company not only in delivering advanced solutions to its customers but also in increasing its customer base. The company improved its innovation management platform by equipping it with the capability of making predictions. Moreover, in September 2013, the company merged with Mindjet (U.S.), which is a leader in project-based collaboration software, to form the first business platform that effectively manages the process of innovation from idea creation and opportunity selection to project completion. The company has adopted various organic and inorganic growth strategies, such as new product launches and mergers to strengthen its position in the global innovation management market.
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