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Are you from this company? USP Integration Software allows users to create intricate cross-functional processes with conditional logic, delay steps, and multiple actions. Users can easily drag-drop trigger output fields in order to arrange actions without needing coding. Further, action outputs permit users to produce multi-step processes, utilizing the output from a starting stage as the trigger for the following steps. Request Pricing to get more information.

Summary Integration Software is a platform that can be used to integrate cloud services and applications to produce basic one-to-one integrations or intricate processes for automating business, marketing, and sales workflows. The Integration Software offers drag-and-drop functionality to help users integrate apps without coding. Users can link to the services they want to integrate utilizing their credentials, and then choose which application is to be leveraged to trigger the process. Select trigger events from a list, particular to each trigger application. Pricing pricing includes monthly or yearly payment options. The vendor offers 5 packages. Here is the pricing model:

  1. Free - $0/month - 250 actions/month - 5 bots
  2. Startup - $49/month (monthly) or $39/month (yearly) - 10,000 actions/month - 50 bots
  3. Growth - $99/month (monthly) or $79/month (yearly) - 30,000 actions/month - 100 bots
  4. Business - $199/month (monthly) or $159/month (yearly) - 100,000 actions/month - 200 bots
  5. Enterprise - $399/month (monthly) or $319/month (yearly) - 500,000 actions/month - Unlimited bots Demo

There is no mention of a demo on the product website. But the vendor offers a free basic plan as well as a 7-day free trial of all the paid packages. Users can utilize this chance to get acquainted with the platform and measure its suitability for their business requirements Features

Intuitive and Simple: No, IT assistance needed. Visually produce integrations with easy drag-drop mapping in just minutes 

Over 100 Connectors:
Utilize connectors for all popular SaaS/cloud applications. Leverage the software’s REST API/Webhooks to link other solutions 

Robust Tools:
Include time delay or conditional logic in your workflows. Format data easily using simple features 

Reliable and Secure:
Benefit from data encryption in transit and at rest. Leverage audit logs and data retention controls for added security 

Supported Applications:
Provides support to collaboration, web form, and payment tools. Supports CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce, and marketing programs 
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Intuitive Software” enables users to create bots intuitively and easily. If they run into issues, users can contact the support team for instruction and documentation.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Automates Workflows”

With, users can automate their key business workflows like social media, shipping and tracking, notification management, accounting, task management, and others to make them more efficient.
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