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Codefresh USP

Codefresh Integration Software is the fastest continuous integration and deployment software designed for Architects, Developers, Product Managers, and generically anyone using Docker. The software gives enhanced control and security over the processes and also gifts the user the flexibility of deployment with its integrating ability.

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Codefresh Integration Software is a continuous integration and delivery platform designed to automate and parallelize testing for Docker users. The software enables professionals to build, test, and deploy pipelines that support integration tests. Besides, Codefresh allows teams to spin up their on-demand compositions and run their units efficiently. The software finds its place as a Container Tool in tech stacks of organizations.

Codefresh Pricing

The software comes in three subscription plans with characterized deliverables. Codefresh Pricing can range from $0 to $99 per month, depending on the plan chosen. To know more about the latest Codefresh Pricing, one can visit on their website and request a query.

  • Basic: Available for free of cost. The package allows a maximum of 3 users and gives 1-month of data retention facility along with other basic ones.
  • Pro: $34/month. It allows a maximum of 6 users with six months of data retention along with many other pro features.
  • Enterprise: The package covers all of Pro features along with many additional features, including cloud-hosting and self-hosting. The quote for this package can be requested from the company’s website upon telling the intention of your business.

Codefresh Demo

Codefresh Integration Software offers a free demo of the software to give insights to its functionalities to the interested. The demo can be availed from Codefresh’s official website upon filling a form.

Codefresh Features

Integration: Connect your cluster from anywhere and anytime with the software’s diverse integrating capability with all major platforms such as Google Cloud, Azure, OpenShift, AWS, and Tectonic. Manage Helm releases easier than ever with the built-in steps for deploying packaging and Helm Charts and increase visibility with ease

Speed and Scalability: Create parallel-running steps and explicitly define step orders and pipelines for achieving higher rates of processing. Distribute caches of images, layers, source codes, dependencies, and more across all nodes using the smart Docker image layer caching

Flexibility Deployment: Use cloud-hosting or self-hosting to scale your stack. Run builds on your favorite infrastructure with a highly supportive frontend

Security and Control: Secure your networks and systems with the SAML single sign-on property of the software. Stay in control with unlimited data retention, enterprise account management, and downloadable audit logs provided by the platform
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Codefresh Reviews


James Smith

May 05, 2020

“The Only CI/CD that Debugs”

Codefresh allows us to create, approve, and run pipelines efficiently with its powerful CLI and automated authentication.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 05, 2020

“Amazing and Super Easy to Use”

The software significantly decreases the build-time while also easing the processes of deployment and integration.
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