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Connect Bridge USP

The main USP of this software is that it is easy to use. The software is super flexible as it helps the user to connect to one or more pieces of software. The user can use standard SQL statements for the integration instead of writing code for the API. It translates the SQL syntax into API calls, keeping system integrity secured.

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It is a popular and easy-to-use app development software. It is a powerful solution that allows users to connect their software to any other primary business application. This online software provides Dashboard, Multiple Data Sources, Web Services, Software Development, Source control – all in one place. There are connectors available for 400 apps, and new connectors are launched regularly.


The pricing starts at about $4 per day, and volume discounts are available for ISVs. It can be paid on both a monthly and yearly basis. Users can connect to Connect Bridge Integration Software developer to get the pricing details and discounts for matching business requirements.

Connect Bridge Integration Software Demo:

There is a free 30-day license available for trying the best features of the software. The user needs to contact the developer to get a free trial of the demo. After 30 days, the user can shift to the paid plan.

Connect Bridge Integration Software Features:

Here are some of its powerful features:

  • Saves time 
  1. It allows the user to build custom integration software in any language and with very little code.
  2. As these codes are easier to read and test, the user can quickly reduce the number of bugs.
  • Easy to use
  1. The user doesn’t need to learn or use API.
  2. The user needs to write standard SQL statements to connect to various business software.
  • Quick and easy integration
  1. The integration process is easy and hence takes less time.
  2. The user can use his preferred language instead of touching API.
  • They are regularly updated and without maintenance
  1. It supports the user and is updated regularly for better features. It needs absolutely no maintenance.
  2. If there is an update for the software, it gets handled entirely by this tool.
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Connect Bridge Reviews


James Smith

Apr 29, 2020

“Speedy and reliable”

The software is fast and easy-to-use. Users can write codes in any language, thus making software integration a breeze.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020


The software allows connection between virtually all kinds of software, through pre-existing connectors or by enabling coders to build custom connectors.
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