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ActiveEdge USP

ActiveEdge Integration Software is a feature-packed integration platform that is ideal for startups and SMEs. The system offers comprehensive web services and tools in a single product. It is a smart, agent-based program that can be used to build intelligent, distributed, complex applications. Further, the software presents shared decision support and sophisticated execution monitoring. It transforms large volumes of information into utilizable knowledge and effective and timely decisions.

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ActiveEdge from Cougaar Software is a smart decision support solution designed on Cognitive Agent Architecture which is a distributed, open-source agent architecture. The platform offers enhanced capabilities that enable businesses to boost agent functionality and streamline application development. The vendor’s goal is to offer an advanced platform for cognitive computing that can be leveraged to develop intelligent systems that comprehend the situation and use automation and reasoning to support users.

ActiveEdge Pricing

ActiveEdge Integration Software helps to automate human reasoning procedures and presents sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to solve challenging issues. ActiveEdge pricing information is not provided by the vendor on the official product website. The vendor offers ActiveEdge pricing details by quote. Customers need to contact them with information about one’s business needs and they’ll craft a custom plan and give an individualized quote. 

ActiveEdge Demo

ActiveEdge Integration Software offers a demo of its product’s features and users can contact them to schedule it. Users can learn all about the key capabilities of the software and understand how they can utilize them for their business requirements. If the tools fit the user’s needs, they can sign up for a paid package. 

ActiveEdge Features

Divide and Win computing: Enable agents to break an issue into smaller pieces that they can resolve. Route the remaining pieces to other qualified agents for resolution 

Sophisticated Automated Reasoning: Capture and automate complex reasoning procedures. Perform this task through multiple reasoning layers 

Core Services: Support fast application development using a set of main services. Carry out functional planning, analysis, display, and reasoning utilizing the core services 

Interface Support: Supports development of user interface, and web and desktop visualization. Provides support to interface standards like SOAP, RESTful, and JMS web services to facilitate interfacing with other solutions 
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ActiveEdge Reviews


James Smith

Apr 29, 2020

“Range of Benefits”

ActiveEdge offers a variety of advantages including distributed, scalable computing, adaptive, resilient capabilities, and intelligent reasoning and automation.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Captures Human Behavior”

ActiveEdge utilizes a distributed, smart agent architecture that is based on human cognitive planning and reasoning. This model captures the manner in which humans plan, reason, observe and act. In addition, it permits users to automate the complicated processes performed by humans every day in a robust and realistic manner.
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