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IMS integration software provides software consulting options to help understand the impact that technologies like cloud computing, mobile Apps, and Progress OpenEdge can have on business. IMS also offers Analysis and Documentation services, Interface Design services, software programming and testing, and installation support. Request IMS Pricing to get more information.


IMS Integration Software creates client-specific, customized software that aims to improve the operation model of a business, by taking into cognizance how businesses work today, and where it may aspire to reach in the future. IMS integration software provides business solutions that are innovative & deliver positive, cost-effective results that are sure to leave a fundamental impact on the performance and success of a business.

IMS Pricing

IMS pricing starts at $795.00 as a one-time payment. IMS pricing is not divided on a per-month basis. There is no free version of the software. 

IMS Demo

It does not offer a free trial. It is a one time buy. You can connect with support to get acquainted with all the features of this integrated system.

IMS Features

What it does to improve business models:

Custom Software Development
  • Build applications to handle any particular function for a business not relying on their current software.
  • Integrating these new applications with current IT architecture for a smooth experience
Management Information Systems
  • Customized Management Information System with collaboration from multiple resources and task-specific reports.
  • Transforms raw data into actionable insights for taking the right decisions
Mobile App development and Cloud storage Development
  • Design feature-packed mobile apps (Android and iOS) 
  • Designs and integrates cloud computing solutions into an already existing enterprise-wide system.
Industrial and Commercial Device Integration
  • Creates a software solution that will allow a company to add any number or type of value-add device to an existing system.
  • Proposes a device that will work as it was designed, to deliver required outcomes.
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