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GAConnector USP

GAConnector provides one with marketing automation tools as mentioned above, at a very affordable price which are much more expensive otherwise. Other companies have not been able to provide such tools at a price range remotely similar to the GPConnector price.

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GAConnector takes traffic source details in Google Analytics into the CRM, which will enable each marketing channel to measure its ROI. GAConnector allows the companies and organisations what are the most profitable channels  for marketing by connecting  their CRM with Google analytics. GAConnector pricing  is quite admired.

GAConnector Pricing:

The GAConnector pricing  per month is $ 97 and pricing  per annum is $ 1,164. GAConnector pricing for marketing automation tools such as lead tracking and many others  is a fraction of what other marketing automation companies ask for. Connect with the vendor for any specific requirements.

GAConnector Demo:

The GA connector is a user friendly , accessible and efficient app that allows you to find out which add provide the maximum revenues. It helps you understand where the leads and sales come from and see details by the sales team , within Google Analytic, with the help of an organized table.

GAConnector Features:

Its pricing makes it more attractive hooded by user-benevolent features like the following - 

  • Marketing automation tools

o   GA connector provides marketing automation tools such as lead tracking.

o   Lead  tracking is the method of pursuing a lead via the pipeline including motion into and out of closing and any activity or inaction by the lead.

  • Imports information
    • GA connector imports information regarding website visitors into the different sales softwares.
    •  It imports information  regarding stays and closed deals from Zoho CRM and Salesforce to Google Analytics.
  • Query operations

o   A query is a command that allows one to retrieve information from the database based on certain commands..

o   The query operations of GAConnector are advanced and will allow you to sort out the highest paying ads in one click.

  • Protects your privacy

o   GA connector is absolutely compliment with EU requirements for protecting the privacy of the customers.

o   GA connector app notifies the clients that cookies are being used to track information regarding them.


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GAConnector Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 05, 2020

“Seamless integration”

We are able to track all our web based leads using the software. The great customer support ensures that the website is up and running at all times.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Tracking at low cost”

The software works like marketing automation for the business at a very economic cost.
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