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Hevo USP

Hevo Integration Software USP lies in loading data effectively from any source to your preferred warehouse or source. Ease of integration with 100+ major 3rd party tools in the market makes Hevo your first choice for comprehensive data pipeline solutions. With real-time streaming methodology businesses get refined data to process in their data warehouses directly. Hevo pricing ensures the customers get what they pay for.

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Hevo Integration Software assists the users to replicate all their data at scale. It allows people to load data in real-time and also in a fast and reliable manner from any source. It supports Relational Databases, NoSQL Databases, SaaS Applications, Files or S3 buckets, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake, in real-time.

Hevo Pricing:

Hevo Integration Software offers its starter pack with a price tag of 499$ per month. Furthermore, they have another package worth 999$ per month with advanced features along with some premium services. However, Hevo pricing comes with a customization option too.

Hevo Demo:

To get a personalized demo of Hevo Integration Software features, customers need to contact them.

Hevo Features:

Let’s go through the substantial features that come with services.

Easy to Set Up
  • Users can set up data pipelines running in just a few minutes.
  • It puts forth a hassle-free data replication at scale.
No Maintenance Needed
  • Customers won’t need ETL scripts and Cron jobs anymore
  • It handles all the user’s future changes on its own.
Fully Automated
  • Users can get the data flow without writing any custom configuration.
  • It flags and purposes any failures detected.
  • The software can spontaneously identifies an anomaly in the incoming data and reports the user directly.
  • It also sets aside any affected records within the pipelines and corrects them.
  • It also ensures that the analytics workflows stay unimpacted.
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Hevo Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

Apr 29, 2020

“Fast and Reliable”

Hevo makes the data loading process so much easier. It is robust, secure and truly reliable when it comes to providing data-driven results.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Smooth Integrations”

From Cloud storage, SDKs, streaming services and more, Hevo is equipped for flawless integrations with various APIs and data warehouses. It also offers various templates for integrations that are customizable.
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