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PowerCenter USP

PowerCenter Integration Software is one of the most recognized software in the information integration space. It supports the entire data integration lifecycle, from jumpstarting the first project to accelerating processes to ensure successful enterprise deployments. The company offers support both online and through the phone to ensure the seamless customer experience.

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PowerCenter Integration Software is an advanced data integration platform for enterprises, developed by Informatica, that delivers data to businesses in a speedy manner. PowerCenter enables developers and analysts to collaborate, rapidly prototype, analyze, validate, and deploy projects in a matter of a few days.

PowerCenter Pricing

PowerCenter Pricing packages can be obtained on-demand by potential customers. The software has three editions – Standard, Advanced, and Premium, with the option to add-on other packages. The company provides a 30-day free trial, post which users can buy a paid version after acquiring information about PowerCenter Pricing from the company. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor.

PowerCenter Demo

The PowerCenter Integration Software offers free demo in the form of video tutorials. Users can also access a plethora of other learning resources in the form of articles, blogs, and webinars, and can also register for upcoming events.

PowerCenter Features

Business collaboration and ease

  • Enables business self-service and delivery of trusted data to businesses using role-based tools and agile processes
  • Benefits users with graphical and code-less tools that leverage a huge palette of pre-built transformations

Scalability and Operational governance

  • Supports grid computing, adaptive load balancing, and pushdown optimization
  • Enables users to monitor production and reinforce coding best practices with the help of alerts, thus preventing costly damage in the future

Real-time data and universal connectivity

  • Provides timely and accurate data for next-gen analytics and operational efficiency
  • Integrates and seamlessly accesses data from all types of sources using high-performance connectors

Advanced connectivity and transformation

  • Unlocks the value of non-relational data through comprehensive parsing of PDF, XML, MS-Office, and Internet of Things
  • Connects to cloud application sources seamlessly from PowerCenter
  • Enables repeatable audit and validation of data moved across development, test and production environments  


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PowerCenter Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020


PowerCenter can be used by all medium and large enterprises, and is an effective tool for ETL involving multiple sources of data.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Flexibility and Easy integration”

PowerCenter integrates effortlessly with power exchange, data quality and discovery, and metadata management tools to simplify processes. It supports various DBMS technologies, like Oracle Netezza, thus lending flexibility to the tool and allowing it to be used by all departments.
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