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Insight USP

Insight Integration Software comes with incredible tools so that business firms continue to provide impressive tools. These tools can act as synchronization between Salesforce and Lightspeed POS. Moreover, these functionalities can be customized as per your business requirements. Insight comes as a solution provider for your automation, integration and synchronization problems. It further elevates your business to the next levels. Request Insight Pricing to get more information.


Insight Integration software is one of the best data synchronization solution provider for various Lightspeed and Salesforce. The Insight Integration software has robust features that provide different businesses of any sizes with indispensable tools. These tools help identify potential opportunity as well as resolve data conflicts between any system. It enables you to seamlessly update your information in one platform and see the necessary changes in the other.   

Insight Pricing

Insight pricing comprises of two-step model. It includes a setup cost which is a one-time cost and a subscription pricing that varies as per the number of users annually. Installation pricing is $599 per month and subscription package starts at $99 per every month. This subscription plan is billed annually. For the best Insight pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Insight Demo

Insight Integration Software does not offer any trial package. In case you want to utilize this software, you have to pay for the Insight pricing plan. Please note that the setup cost is the same for every user and annual plan varies accordingly.

Insight Features

Given below are the important features of Insight -

Incredible point of sale programmes -
  • The software can be used with all the businesses of various industries such as healthcare, retail, e-commerce, etc.
  • It has some impressive built-in tools to control the flow of your business.

Configuration management -
  • It simplifies your task flow by allowing you to connect Salesforce and Lightspeed POS.
  • You can easily be able to configure with what type of information you want to synchronize.

Conflict resolution -
  • Insight can be easily reviewed. If the data is entered incorrectly in both the systems, then it is pushed as flagged.
  • However, if the correct data is selected, then both of those systems will reflect the same data. This means that Insight reacts to duplication data.

User customization -
  • Insight has robust functionalities to provide your organization with an attractive toolkit.
  • The built-in tools can easily be customized to fulfil your desired business needs.
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