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Artix USP

Artix Integration Software has extensive platform support which can run on mobile phones or computers similarly. Its unique application specifications make it one of its own. Helps in the reduction of operational costs and an increase in businesses liveliness. Artix Integration Software has multi-platform support as it uses the same core platform as Orbix. Request Artix Pricing to get more information.


Micro Focus Artix is a versatile and secure to install integration software that allows organizations to swiftly build, locate, and control thoroughly secure services in both Java and C++. Artix can be used as a complete ESB, i.e. Enterprise Service Bus or to be a helping hand in enhancing present investments, to bring in new opportunities and sales models for your business. Artix is a multi-protocol answer that connects numerous and light-weight endpoints without any highly-priced servers.

Artix Pricing:

Artix pricing solely depends upon the version you would want to buy. Newer the version, higher the cost. Artix’s pricing is based on a membership plan that starts from $19.95 and can go up to $62.95. Artix pricing is totally worth money based on the needs of the business.

Artix Demo:

Artix pricing doesn’t have any free versions but it has a free 30 days trial for you to get an insight into the software. You get to experience all the features in the 30 days trial, from bridging your COBRA domain to the rest of your organization. To get on with it, you can always fill-up the form provided on their website or get in touch with the sales team with the numbers provided on the website.

Artix Features:

Some of the unique features of Artix Integration Software are:

  • Streamlining COBRA
    • An essential adjunction to any COBRA location
    • Present COBRA applications are compatible with Non-COBRA technologies without any modernization
  • Making Contacts
    • Building a smarter networking system for the betterment of the business
    • Creating values and accelerating toward success
  • A Bridge to Triumph
    • Connect with numerous technologies such as legacy systems
    • Brings unique experiences and new-age capabilities to the forefront
  • Swift Integration
    • Incorporate COBRA to Non-COBRA effortlessly
    • The best solution for data processing with the location and data travel history


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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of Artix?

Key features of this software includes - Increase business agility, Reduce operational costs, Extensibility, Improve IT performance, Broad platform support.

Who are the typical users of Artix?

Typical users include Startups, Agencies, SME's and large nstitutions.

Which operating system does Artix support?

Web App and Windows operating system is compatible with this software.

Which mobile platforms does this software support?

There is no mobile platform which is compatible with this software at this point of time.

What is the deployment type?

Cloud-based deployment services are offered by this software vendor.

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