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Jitterbit USP

Jitterbit Integration Software USP lies in the fact that organizations of different sizes can seamlessly connect with SaaS on-premise and cloud applications. Moreover, it can instantly infuse artificial intelligence to any business process. Companies can reuse business-critical applications and data to induct new offerings in the market. Jitterbit pricing is cost effective. Request Jitterbit Pricing to get more information.


The software is a GUI based integration solution providing users with a suite and platform of productivity tools that are useful in the creation and sharing of integration efforts. It gives you the provision of using it as a standalone application or integrating it with existing EAI infrastructure. It allows for the integration of data between Salesforce and other flat-files, legacy systems, XML data sources, Web Services, enterprise applications.   

Jitterbit Pricing:

The Jitterbit Pricing has three categories with Standard, Professional, and Enterprise edition. Jitterbit Pricing for the standard is fixed at $1000 per month, professional edition will cost you $2500 per month and enterprise edition will cost you $5000 per month. Connect with vendor to know more about any more specifications and Jitterbit Pricing.

Jitterbit Integration Software Demo:

It does not have a demo but offers a free trial also known as the Harmony trial. For more information please visit the website at the URL 

Jitterbit Integration Software Features:

It will prove a valuable tool for organizations that prioritize innovation by connecting applications and APIs:

  • You can easily connect on-premises application, cloud, and SaaS 
  • To any business process, you can infuse intelligence

  • Create new API form pre-existing enterprise applications or data
  • Combine with external API for launching new innovative solutions

  • Connect via batch processing or real-time options
  • Connect to any data source
  • Custom design an API with connectors for enterprise Apps using our platform  

Accelerate Transformation using APIs
  • Securely create, run, analyze APIs 
  • Easily create micro services or APIS with existing data 

Publish APIs via enterprise-scale Gateways
  • Discover and consume APIs / microservices through the Developer portal
  • Publish any data or application as API
  • Document API with OpenAPI
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Jitterbit Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 05, 2020

“Business Operation made Easy”

Jitterbit has made business quite easy. Its processes are simple to understand and implement. The return on investment has never been better. We have become more responsive to audiences and been able to engage with them better.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 05, 2020

“Efficient and multi-platform Integration”

Through Jitterbit, we have seen a quality of integration like no other. Highly important business processes have been automated for ease and accuracy, using Jitterbit
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