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Morpheus USP

Morpheus integration software offers multi-cloud management and other automation tools for reducing the cost of several operations. It gives a single platform for handling every piece of data and other functionalities as well. Reduce manual operations and save lots of time and money. Integrate several 3rd party tools and get the option of customization at every place. 

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Morpheus integration software provides the fastest platform for multi-cloud and multi-platform self-service. It offers DevOps for IT Enterprise and it allows the leaders of technology to save time by automating several operations. It helps in saving money and sanity just by enabling automatic logging, monitoring, one-click provisioning and various other things. It can eliminate the lock-in and it also supports various virtual platforms and cloud. It offers the best tools and platform for hybrid IT application and lifecycle management. 

Morpheus Pricing:

Morpheus Pricing plans will be disclosed by the sales team only. Discuss the needs of your enterprise and get a customised plan for Morpheus pricing. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor. It is in line with leading competitors in the market

Morpheus Integration Software Demo:

A free demo of Morpheus integration software is available on the authorised website. Learn about all the exciting features of this platform in the demo. Get all the information about this platform and see how it can benefit your enterprise. 

Morpheus Integration Software Features:

Analytics for Cloud Optimization

  • Get complete diagnostics on usage, utilization and cloud cost with an optimization that is powered by machine learning. 
  • Map the work to the right department with custom costing and visibility of public cloud costs. 
  • Use API for integrating third-party tools for billing and easily export data to JSON/CSV. 

Granular Control for assured compliance

  • Manage everything and easily set budgets, memory, CPU and other things. 
  • Set approval rules by roles, groups or cloud and delete instances for keeping your cloud clean. 
  • Get the support for dozens of currencies and easily adjust the prices. 

Automation for Developers

  • Include integration upstream into source code management and easily build the automation. 
  • Get easy access to the public or private repositories on Git and GitHub
  • Get the support of built-in container orchestration and native scripting. 
  • Use robust stack integration and 3rd party monitoring and incident handling.
  • Use New Relic, Splunk and other tools for more insights. 


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