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Oracle Data Integrator
California, USA
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Oracle Data Integrator USP

ODI provides a complete solution for managing large and complex data warehouses. Its main USP is that it supports multiple different languages and technologies.

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This is a cloud-based all-inclusive data integration platform. This integration software has exceptional abilities to extract, load and transform bulk data movement for businesses with improved productivity and smooth user experience. It also provides support for big data integration for an enterprise-level solution as per the Hadoop Standards.


The software pricing costs $900 per named user plus $198 for a software update license and support. Software pricing has a plan for Enterprises- $30,000 per processor. An additional $6,400 is charged for a software update license and support. Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud—it costs $900 per month if the user goes for a standard plan. For the Flexi plan, it costs $600 per month. The pricing supports both Monthly and Yearly payment methods.


ODI does not offer any free trial. They don't have any free version. Customers have to go for a specific plan as per their requirements.


Here are some of its excellent features to make the process of data transformation and integration seamless:

Declarative Design
  • It simplifies the number of Steps.
  • Automatically generates the data flow.

Data Quality Firewall
  • It ensures that erroneous data is detected automatically and is already recycled when it inserts in the target application.
  • It is performed following data integrity rules without any programming. 


Hot Pluggable - Data Connectivity
  • It provides support that is unmatched for 3rd party platforms, data sources, and data warehousing appliances.
  • It is compatible with mixed targets, sources, and applications.
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