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Moover USP

The USP of Moover Integration Software is its fast speed. It allows the most complex data deployments to be done correctly and within a short time period. It accelerates data migration. It creates templates for repeatable implementations to make the process faster. It also provides and maintains data sets for Salesforce.

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This is a popular and reliable application for Salesforce that enables speedy deployment of analytical data between Salesforce organizations. Moover Integration Software moves Salesforce application reference data for Salesforce CPQ, advance approvals, B2B commerce, or any other managed applications, with accuracy and with lightning speed. This software enables the user to move both configuration information in data and the data records.

Moover Pricing:

Moover Integration Software  is popular with many organizations, owing to its pricing. Moover Pricing starts at about $9 per end-user per month. The user can contact the vendor of Moover to get further details of the Moover pricing range and see the functionalities in real-time.

Moover Demo:

The user can choose to get a trial for Moover. He can contact the developer of the Moover application to try out this data deployment software. After trying the Moover Demo, the user can choose to get the paid version of Moover.

Moover Features:

Here is a list of features that helps it to be one of the most reliable applications.

Easy and straightforward data deployment: 
  1. It offers a centrally controlled deployment system to control all implementations from a single Salesforce organization.
  2. It establishes bi-directional deployment of data sets between production and sandbox organizations.
Maintains accuracy and prevents 
  1. It copies test data sets to multiple developer sandboxes with one-click deployment.
  2. It deploys data between two sandbox environments to stage data for User Acceptance Testing.
Manages Look-up and creates a back-up
  1. It manages Look-up and master-detail relationships on complex object data models.
  2. It creates a back-up in the Moover data set in the JSON file format and stores it in GitHub.
Advance features for data deployment
  1. It scrambles personal data, such as email address in test data deployed to a sandbox.
  2. It replaces data loader exports, remapping of parent IDs, manual imports into production with single-click deployment.
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Moover Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Automates tasks”

It saves a lot of time by automating tasks and eliminating the need for manual data entry. It''s fairly easy to use and lets users refresh sandboxes within a mere few hours.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Optimized for performance”

The software is designed for big orientations and optimized for performance. Billing is turned easy with its premium data migration features for relational data and more.
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