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SnapLogic USP

SnapLogic Integration Software makes enterprise-wide integration simple. Now you can connect your hybrid, cloud, and on-premises application and data landscape faster. You can collaborate more quickly than you thought in the first place. Being an AI-powered platform, you can integrate data from any source, environment, and at any speed all at scale smoothly. Request SnapLogic Pricing to get more information.


SnapLogic Integration Software is an intelligent, fast, and simple platform empowering enterprise IT organizations and lines of business to connect. The product falls in the category of Elastic Integration Platform provided in the form of Integration Platform As A Service i.e., IPaaS. You can combine different data sources inclusive of internal or cloud databases.  

SnapLogic Pricing:

The SnapLogic pricing structure is based on an annual subscription. At present, the SnapLogic pricing starts from $9995.00 per year. Connect with their vendor to know more about any specific features and business matching requirements. Fill out the form to get training with live support.

SnapLogic Demo:

SnapLogic comes with a 30-day trial service so that you can take the experience of better-integrated service software. However, the demo version has a lot of limitations. You need to choose the appropriate SnapLogic pricing model to utilize the full version.

SnapLogic Features:

The salient features of the SnapLogic integration platform can be summarized under the following headings

API Management
  • Bundle and publish your tasks
  • Analytics like historical API usage and performance metrics
Data Catalog Service
  • Store information schema and data location
  • Use table partitions to store metadata information.
Resumable Pipeline
  • Build a pipeline that can be suspended on demand
  • Save the execution state and load it from where it was paused
Ultra Tasks
  • Accept incoming requests to running pipelines.
  • The incoming request serves on the first-come-first-serve basis.
Enhanced Account Encryption
  • Encrypt account information with a public key
  • Customers may also use their keys

Artificial Intelligence
  • Designed for IT and business users 
  • For integration, you need to click and not code
Built for the cloud
  • Works natively with AWS and Azure platform
  • Provides Connectivity for Big Data endpoints
Enterprise Integration Architecture
  • Provides Built-in security, reuse, and governance
  • Enables the Perfect architecture to mitigate legacy
Application and Data Connectivity
  • No coding required 
  • Connectivity to IoT devices and infrastructure
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SnapLogic Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 05, 2020

“Time saver”

The time and effort required for implementing an efficient integration have dropped drastically, thanks to SnapLogic. It has given us the power to stay competitive through a large advantage.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Efficient Organizer”

We have found in SnapLogic, a novel way to organize ourselves and our information. SnapLogic’s patterns and snaps have made integration much easier and efficient.
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