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Stamplay USP

Stamplay Integration Software can be used by everyone in harmony. To empower the team it can automate processes and integrate everything which is perfect for the customer. It also helps the business users due to easy implementation with minimal code solution which is protected, managed and secured for IT.

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Stamplay Integration Software is a next-gen development low code platform allowing organizations to set up backends of applications. It uses APIs as building blocks and also has a high value business process spanning multiple cloud services. This platform provides enterprise integration and process automation. In order to build, operate and roll out automation it collaborates with IT and business users.

Stamplay Pricing

Stamplay pricing starts with $149.00 per month for the Pro Plan version and $499.00 per month for the Business Plan version. It also provides a free trial version. It is deployable only on the Web-based, Cloud SaaS. It has a different category of pricing for Support like 24/7(Liv Rep), Business Hours and Online.

Stamplay Demo

The Stamplay Integration Software trial version is free to use for all users. Free tech support/guidance would not be available in case of any requirement. Some functionality might not be available with the free version. Stamplay pricing model should be explored for any complex enterprise implementation.

Stamplay Features

Applications and business process Integration
  • It is a  quick and easy complete tool which free to choose best of breed applications to support different business activities, without taking any risk
  • Helps to integrate custom applications and other services that are not available in the standard version.

User-friendly interface where coding is not essential
  • Simple and robust UI features where business users can have without coding experience.
  • Create complex integration without much cost and technical involvement.

Enables integration guidance
  • Efficient team of resources to guide from the initial integration setup.
  • It has an in-app chat window which is very easy to initiate.

Learning is easier and productive
  • Intuitive user interface which is easier for learning backed by unique Stamplay Pricing.
  • Stamplay’s customer success team is very diligent while providing guidance.
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