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Striim USP

Basically, Striim Integration Software is a complete package for departments such as energy, retail, healthcare, data encryption, and many others. This software is designed to help all of these departments by providing them with data warehousing facilities. So, depending on the sector you belong; do not forget to check Striim pricing before buying it. 

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Striim Integration Software is a single platform that combines the stream analytics, integration of real-time data, and visualization. It offers stream processes for SQL including transformation, filtering, multi-source correlation, enrichment and much more. Therefore, for all the users who wish to buy this software, the providers have kept Striim pricing very affordable when compared to the features it provides.

Striim Pricing

Striim pricing depends on the requirements raised by any user. If needed for an organization, there will be a different quote compared with the one who needs it for personal use. You can simply raise a quote requisition on the service provider’s website and get it directly. You can also ask for a callback. For the best striim pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Striim Demo

You can try the demo version of Striim Integration Software by visiting the website of the service provider. You just need to open the website and click on the demo version tab. There will be an instant download button which when clicked will start the download of the demo version of Striim.

Striim Features

The software has a lot of key features; some of them are:

The business intelligence feature
  • Strategy planning can be easily done using the collaborative tool.
  • Key performance indicator always keeps you updated.

Big Data feature
  • Data Blend
  • Predictive analytics

Cloud Management feature
  • Performance Analytics feature comes in handy most of the time.
  • Multi-Cloud management features make it beneficial for professionals.

Data Extraction feature
  • Eases the IP extraction process.
  • Web Data extraction is also convenient.


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