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SynQ Integration Software as a whole offers a fantastic system to integrate information across platforms efficiently throughout and it gives users a chance to interact with them freely with a detailed overview of clarity and transparency facilitated by a privilege of easy access. 

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SynQ Integration Software by Swisslog is authentic and user friendly modular warehouse management software designed by experts to help users with the optimization and management of their warehouse operations to facilitate production and services. It includes the facilities or inventory management along with user storage automation benefits.

SynQ pricing

The pricing is very economically affordable as we believe in giving a chance to the business of the world in experiencing our product more readily. And with SynQ pricing, it has been made a fact that many more warehouse businesses can march towards a more and organized and efficient success. For the best SynQ pricing plans, contact the vendor.

SynQ demo

It encompasses a system organization and easy automation of marketing resources with a handful of clicks of the information entered by the users. It will make sure that you are guided alongside the utilization process and be an expert in using SynQ in no time whatsoever. 

Features of SynQ

SynQ Integration Software forms an ideal example of excellent warehouse management software due to the following features - 

Inventory management
  • It has a designed authentic inventory management system that allows the users to manage their inventories with a detailed record of designations and allocations.
  • It's very easy to handle and allows new trainees to get accustomed very quickly.

Order management
  • Detailed and thorough organization of orders and products with profound management is enabled by SynQ
  • It will maximize the profits with respect to a system of unbreakable mobile organizations throughout.

Quality management
  • Managing and maintenance of the standard quality of the products will be easy with a system of thorough and authentic record keeping.
  • No more fluctuations in the product quality, it has to be done simply on the basis of SynQ's quality management system.

Real-time synchronization
  • Real-time synchronization is an authentic point of our SynQ system, it identifies and synchronizes activities accordingly with respect to the standards.
  • It is user friendly and does not need much expert handling to work efficiently.


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SynQ Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Rich Prebuilt”

SynQ allows users to choose from over 200 prebuilt out of the box system connectors to define access to own data.
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James Smith

Apr 29, 2020

“Extensive Benefits”

The platform provides a single canvas design tool with an all-in-one monitoring console and an API design platform.
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