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SOAPbox Integration Software is the AI-powered meeting assistant that can be used to make meetings more productive. Furthermore, they have a few meeting templates to make meetings more productive apart from regular publishing of blogs and guides, while also enabling file sharing and activity feeds. Request SOAPbox Pricing to get more information.


SOAPbox Integration Software is a software application that helps increase productivity amongst enterprise-level teams through the means of one-on-one team meetings that allows teams to create a shared agenda, write down notes during meetings as well as initiate collection of feedback and assign the course of action for future meetings, all at a single place. The software integrates with pre-existing collaboration software programmes such as Slack, Hipchat, Microsoft Teams, JIRA and a few others. 

SOAPbox Pricing

SOAPbox pricing starts with a pretty basic free plan enabling shared agendas, agenda items, search for the last 30 days and even rate meetings. The second SOAPbox pricing plan is even better and is billed at a mere rate of $12 per month, giving one-off meeting kits, shared agendas, agenda items, assigning next steps, add deadlines to next steps, and even unlimited search. 

SOAPbox Demo

The SOAPbox Integration Software has a forever free plan alongside a free, 14-day long trial version, which you can use to check if the platform is suitable for your business before investing in the $12 SOAPbox pricing plan for your team.

SOAPbox Features

SOAPbox’s team collaboration tool has a host of powerful features which have amazed one and all. Some of the prominent ones, in that case, are - 

One on one team meetings 
  • Enables creation of custom agendas for each one-on-one team meeting 
  • Share meeting notes with each team member
  • SOAPbox emails the notes post the meeting to you and your team members 
  • Prepare private notes that can only be accessed by you 
  • Use prompts with possible questions to make meetings more collaborative 
  • Assign meeting follow-ups within meeting agenda itself 
  • Enables sending post-meeting survey questions 

Meeting Agendas 
  • Create agendas for meetings and invite people to participate 
  • Add meeting descriptions to make participants aware of the agenda
  • Add summaries before, during and after the meeting 
  • Allows team members to rate each session 

Meeting minutes and Idea Management 
  • Save meetings through private and public notes  
  • Upvote best ideas in meetings 
  • Create agendas with start and end dates 
  • Analytics reports for every scheduled meeting 

  • Gather questions from team members 
  • Turn on the voting mode 
  • Comment and clarify answers and responses
  • Alerts and notifications  
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SOAPbox Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Integrable and innovative”

This tool equips managers with features to hold successful meetings right from agenda creations to tracking progress. It allows users to get ratings on the efficiency of the meeting as well.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 05, 2020

“Simple and intuitive tool”

Soapbox provides a simple way for users to add topics for meetings and get useful recommendations and jot down minutes of the meeting and distribute them.
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