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Veracross USP

Veracross is an integration software which brings together students, teachers, administrators and parents at one location and helps them to coordinate with each other to improve student learning. It is based on the Axiom framework which helps in generating reports and updating information. The core of this software is CRM which improves the communication between all the participants of the school management. It is suitable for independent schools of all sizes where management of all departments plays a crucial role. Request Veracross Pricing to get more information.


Veracross integration software is specially designed for independent schools to operate different office functions. It integrates the administration modules with other modules of different school office departments and functions like admission, attendance, finance, students and academic records, scheduling, HR and after school activities. Veracross integration software aids in improving the overall coordination and communication between the different departments of school management.

Veracross Pricing

Based on your business requirements, Veracross Pricing plans can cost from ₹500 per user to ₹2100 per user, per month. Here are the Veracross pricing segments:

  1. Starter - ₹500/user/month
  2. Standard -₹720/user/month
  3. Professional - ₹1200/user/month
  4. Enterprise - ₹2100/user/month

Veracross Demo

Veracross integration software provides a free demo for users to understand the functionalities and working in the form of images and video clips for the different software. Get in touch with the support team to get a free trial.

Veracross Features

Account Management 

  • Manage fees paid by each student and record transactions by using student billing.
  • Perform all accounting tasks including general ledger, balance sheet, accounts payable and receivable along with tracking project revenue.

Communication Management

  • Share emails and SMS to any number of constituents included in the different modules of the system.
  • Establish direct communication between students and teachers to organize classes and share important information by creating class websites.

Academic Record Management

  • Generate report cards with personalized design specifications including header information and adding school logo.
  • Maintain and keep a track of student attendance records on the parent portal by using logistics requests feature.

Admission management

  • Schedule parent-teacher meeting, parent and student information updates, fee payment and fill questionnaires at one place by Admission Portal.
  • Manage admission procedure from enquiry to final enrollment by admission modules.

Report Generation

  • Make smart decisions and improve performance by generating reports based on real-time data.
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Veracross Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 05, 2020

“Versatile and Smooth integrations”

This platform can be integrated with other third party apps for data sharing, some of which include- Haiku, Canvas, Google and clever. It also integrates multiple modules as per the requirement of the school to give a more personalized feel.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Strict Data Integrity”

Veracross comes with a ‘data integrity checks’ feature which gives notifications whenever issues occur regarding the authenticity of the data or insertion of wrong data.
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