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Vertify USP

Get the right picture about your customer with Vertify integration software. For those who want a complete picture of the customer, go with Vertify. You can know about a complete customer journey, connect sales and martech support, access data across the organisation and ensure the empowerment of team members. Easily leverage data for improved performance and effective targeting. 

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Vertify integration software is a data integration tool to help your sales and marketing team leverage an integrated set of data. The software enables you to deliver data into platforms which you need, to drive the required revenue. Vertify is here to support your data integration needs and to help you optimize your workflows by bringing in data clarity. 

Vertify Pricing

Vertify pricing is done based on user requirements. The RevConnect version of Vertify starts at $9,000 which allows for connecting sales & martech platforms, eliminates data silos and automates data syncing. The RevTarget version which allows you to automate advertising starts at $6000. The marketing & sales intelligence variant of Vertify is also available which is it's the latest offering. For more details on Vertify pricing plans, contact vendor

Vertify Demo

The software is available for users to try. You can contact the Vertify integration software team by logging on to the official website. Alternatively, you can also fill in your details on the website so that the team can get in touch with you and help you with Vertify pricing details. Make your decision of buying the software after you take a demo of the product. 

Vertify Features

Feel empowered with data, by harnessing the features of Vertify. Its features include the following :

Connect systems with ease 
  • Fuel your work tool with reliable data and access info available on the dashboard 

  • Get complete integration of software with Vertify to harness the power of data easily

Get accurate and instant results 
  • Never worry about the accuracy of your data with Vertify 

  • Leverage your data to generate actionable insights and improve work efficiency 

Use data as actionable information 
  • Get the ability to eliminate wastage and work on real data 

  • Automate workflow while preventing the manual removal of data 

Take charge of your workflow 
  • Streamline the workflow with ease and improve work efficiency 

  • Reduce reliance on internal IT service and automate the data integration process


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