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Warewolf USP

Warewolf integration software initiates a total revolution in how we use the SOA framework. It boasts of up to 400% faster than traditional software development. And a Software Development life cycle that is 373% faster. It understands business logic and rules quickly as it interprets other developers' work based on visual cues rather than a line-by-line inspection of their code. Request Warewolf Pricing to get more information.


Warewolf Integration software allows developers to use a low-code, visual drag and drop environment to design and create microservices. The users may then call those microservices within their applications. The end result shrinks hardcore programming that might have previously taken months into days. Warewolf pricing revolutionizes the way service-oriented architecture has been created and used till now.

Warewolf Pricing

Warewolf pricing starts at $80 per core per month, called ‘Developer’. The ‘Enterprise’ Warewolf pricing plan is at $220 per core per month. It contains all ‘Developer’'s features along with a reduced response time of 2 hours, email, phone and remote access to customer support and 24/7 support availability. You can also get any specific quote from the support to match your requirements efficiently.

Warewolf Demo

Warewolf Integration software is available for a 30-day free trial. The demo contains all of ‘Developer’’s features, including Certified upgrades, patches & hotfixes, Community support & knowledgebase, Unlimited open source participation, Evaluation support and Feature requests. During this time, Warewolf Integration software can be used using Microsoft Azure virtual machine, AWS virtual machine or by compiling from the source on GitHub.

Warewolf Features

Application development will never be the same due to these features:

Integration and Orchestration
  • Integrates multiple systems through 3rd party and native connectors
  • Builds remote services straight into local workflows

API Development 
  • Easily store and re-use previous services as APIs
  • Execute services as REST APIs

Service-oriented architecture
  • Visually orchestrate processes in a service-oriented architecture
  • Easily build loosely coupled systems for long term flexibility

Rapid line of Business Apps
  • Cut out unnecessary documentation from the SDLC
  • Leverage pre-built Data manipulation tools


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Warewolf Reviews


James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Flexible platform designing”

With a visual platform Warewolf helps users create issue-based designs to maximize efficiency. The flexible designs also minimize the future efforts required to update platform uses.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Greater platform control”

Warewolf enables an all-round control using resource permissions, restricted access to sensitive data and information, and scheduled events history.
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