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Zoho Flow
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Zoho Flow USP

Zoho Flow integration software being an exclusive platform helps the organizations to build up their skills by connecting to the cloud applications easily. It allows them to streamline all the business workflow and centralize it for easy tracking. With all the features provided by this software, one can help in scaling up the business.

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Zoho Flow integration software is one of the most used integration platforms that help the user to connect with cloud applications effortlessly. This software also automates the complex business workflows; create integrations that can be customized and much more. From the feature-list, the service providers have taken good care to make it a wholesome product for a better experience. 

Zoho Flow Pricing

The extensive list of features justifies the pricing scheme. There are majorly two Zoho Flow pricing plans that are available on the internet. The standard plan costs $6.54 per organization per month and the other one which is the professional plan costs $16.34 per organization per month. The payment for both these plans is done annually. For more details on Zoho flow pricing plans, contact vendor

Zoho Flow Demo

Zoho Flow Integration software also has a free version. This is a 15-day trial pack that requires no credit card or any other form of payment. You can simply opt for it from the service provider’s website. After 15 days this software’s cycle gets over; you will be asked to choose between the two plans for further use.


The software has an extensive list of features including:

Ease in creating integration
  • Apps can be integrated without any coding.
  • Follow the steps and view the workflow on the builder. 


Helps in streamlining the workflow
  • Create various workflows in context format
  • Refine every step by adding your workflow.


Get the detailed process
  • Solve the complications of integration using the scripting language.
  • Addition of advance decision tree to the workflow. 


Monitoring became easy
  • Centralize the history of every workflow. 
  • Track the progress of every project easily.



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Zoho Flow Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Enhanced Productivity”

Zoho Flow helps to increase productivity to its maximum by coherently connecting marketing, help desk, and work desk.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 05, 2020

“Get the Job Done”

Zoho Flow creates a dynamic workflow that seamlessly connects several different platforms to ease information exchange. It being pocket friendly is an added advantage.
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