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In IoT security space, DIGICERT IoT Security offers various solutions and services to its commercial clients. These solutions include provisioning and deployment, device identity management, data and system integrity, and secure hosted security module solution for private key management. DIGICERT IoT Security’s product offerings are categorized as per industries, namely, healthcare, automotive, industrial, smart city, home and consumer, transportation. DIGICERT IoT Security also provides high-volume certificate issuance platform, which can be used to manage the lifecycle of the connected devices. Request DIGICERT Pricing to get more information.


The platform can provide issue, renew, and revoke certificates in one place without additional hassle or manual error. DIGICERT IoT Security has also excelled in offering private PKI, also called as internal CA to its clients. Private PKI allows enterprises to issue their own private SSL certificates and allows businesses to tailor certificates around unique needs and deploy certificates for internal purposes on-demand.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +11 Highly Scalable
  • +11 Data Encryption and Tokenization
  • +10 Identity Access Management
  • +5 Secure Communication
  • +13 On-Site Support
  • +14 Remote Support
  • +14 Secure software and firmware update
  • +11 Data Encryption and Tokenization - IoT Security solution
  • +13 Device Authentication and Management - IoT Security solution
  • +10 Identity Access Management - IoT Security solution
  • +12 IDS/IPS - IoT Security solution
  • +5 Secure Communication - IoT Security solution
  • +14 Secure software and firmware update - IoT Security solution
  • +11 Types of Software/Services
  • +11 Scalability
  • +10 Hosted / On-Cloud
  • +8 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • +10 Delivery
  • +9 Product Features and Functionality
  • +12 Support and Services
  • -9 On-Premise
  • -12 Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • -11 Level of Support
  • -7 DDOS
  • -8 Security Analytics
  • -12 IDS/IPS
  • -12 Less Scalable
  • -13 Device Authentication and Management
  • -6 PKI Lifecycle Management
  • -8 Consulting Services
  • -6 Integration & Deployment
  • -9 Managed Services
  • -7 Support & Maintenance
  • -7 DDOS - IoT Security solution
  • -9 Other - IoT Security solution
  • -6 PKI Lifecycle Management - IoT Security solution
  • -8 Security Analytics - IoT Security solution
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DIGICERT presence in Internet of Things (IoT) Security Solutions

The company’s strategic intent lies around its wide array of partner network. DigiCert formed a partnership with the world’s leading technology companies such as IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Device Authority, PrimeKey, and IBM Watson to integrate PKI-based solutions for addressing the needs of growing connected world. The company operates its business through a strong network of system integrators and managed service providers. The company has also been instrumental in its inorganic strategies. This is evident by the fact that the company entered into a partnership with Venafi, a privately held cybersecurity company and a provider of protection for machine identities. This acquisition enabled the DevOps to access the secure cloud services. The company also acquired Verizon Enterprise SSL business, a global leader in delivering broadband and other wireless and wireline communications services to consumer, business, government, and wholesale customers. This acquisition is beneficial for enterprise clients of both the companies to address the challenges related to certificate monitoring and management. Also, Verizon clients are expected to get benefits from PKI innovation that reduces the complexity of certificate management.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Solution Features
  2. Solutions Offered / Identity Access Management - IoT Security solution
  3. Solutions Offered / Data Encryption and Tokenization - IoT Security solution
  4. Solutions Offered / IDS/IPS - IoT Security solution
  5. Solutions Offered / Device Authentication and Management - IoT Security solution
  6. Solutions Offered / Secure software and firmware update - IoT Security solution
  7. Solutions Offered / Secure Communication - IoT Security solution
  8. Solution Features / Identity Access Management
  9. Solution Features / Data Encryption and Tokenization
  10. Solution Features / Secure software and firmware update
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