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Tana Inventory Management Software is best suited for small or medium businesses that are looking to find workable solutions to inventory keeping. It virtually oversees all data management and collaborative exercises, offering all this, at a very affordable price. With a smooth interface, Tana Inventory Management Software translates formidable management into a pleasurable experience.

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Tana is a dynamic and fast emerging collaborative inventory management software primarily used by businesses that seek to integrate and simplify the humongous amount of data in a jiffy. It is most suited for businesses looking for micromanaging their daily chores of inventory keeping and sales management. It allows organizations to aspire for precision and perfection with little or no chance of mismanagement.

Tana Pricing 

Tana Pricing ranges between $1.50 per member for those in academia (discounted rate) and $3 USD for organizations. A free lifetime personal organization plan is also available. Tana Pricing is as follows: 

  1. Personal plan – FREE                              (unlimited inventories)
  2. Standard plan - $3 USD per member       (unlimited inventories)
  3. Academic plan - $1.50 USD per member (unlimited inventories) 

Tana Demo

For interested users seeking to make use of the application, Tana Inventory Management Software makes available demonstration upon request. Apart from that, the official website briefly explains team and inventory management to facilitate easy understanding. Features can be browsed through in the demonstration. 


Connect and Collaborate- Integrates data and processes on a single shared platform, bringing clarity and comprehensiveness. Ensures a speedy yet steady growth through collaboration and inventory keeping optimization.

Extensive range of barcode- Empowers with 11 different types of barcodes, promising operational success. Reduces expenditure on expensive barcode scanners as scanning can easily be done via phone.

Work Management- Creates a neat and methodical set of teams, gauging performances with great ease and access. Apprises you of operational growth and success through a careful outlay of data.

User-friendly Interface- Allows for swifter and speedier work with a smooth interface. Increases productivity of team members as they feel more inclined to work

Data security- Ensures your data remains safe in AWS infrastructure with triple backups. It helps you concentrate on your processes rather than worrying about data loss or infringement.


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  • +9
  • +14
    Customer Pricing
  • +9
  • +5
    Order Picking
  • +8
    Report Integration
  • +8
    Vendor-Managed Inventory
  • +11
    24/7 Customer Support
  • +12
    Advanced Inventory Tagging
  • +14
    API/Web Service
  • +13
    Audit Trail
  • +7
    Automatic Stock-out Reports
  • +12
  • +6
    Collaborative Inventory
  • +5
    Cycle Counting
  • +6
    Demand forecasting
  • +7
  • +12
    Integration and Synchronization
  • +6
    Kitting and Product Bundling
  • +13
  • +13
    Multi-Carrier Shipping
  • -10
    Multichannel Sales
  • -10
  • -9
    Order Editing
  • -8
  • -11
    Product Categorization
  • -13
    Product History

Tana Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 24, 2020

“Simplified and smooth”

Using Tana makes everything look simple and manageable. Work becomes speedier and yet the quality of work only increases. Helps in reducing the expenditure.
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Buyer, Energy and Utilities, SME

Apr 24, 2020

“Inexpensive yet amazing”

Tana offers so much quality at a pocket-friendly price. The user-friendly interface makes it more understandable. The software is available with an average pricing.
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