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  • Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2007
Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Transportation and Logistics, Energy and Utilities, Government and Public Sector, Defense and Security
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Company Overview
AGT has developed a cloud-based IoT analytics platform and an IoT Library that allows developers to develop IoT applications and deliver them to market. AGT's IOT Analytics Platform delivers IoT-specific analytics that decrease the time and cost needed to develop analytics-rich, vertical IoT applications. Its IoT-specific analytics provide new insights, create new information otherwise impossible, monitor complex environments, offer more precise predictions and enhance business processes and operations. It also empowers application developers and enterprise software development organizations to design and develop products and/or services for end-user customers.

AGT offers IoT analytics as its predictive analytics offering based on the cloud deployment option. The platform allows an entire new generation of vertical IoT applications that will drive enhanced business processes, resulting in improved value and new revenue streams. The platform also resolves key issues in IoT analytics, data management and visualization, employing solutions that have been tailor made for each application. Also, the platform integrates easily with existing sensors, network infrastructure and end-user applications.

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  • Batch Data Processing
  • Directly
  • Real-time Streaming Data Processing (Data-in-Motion)
  • Semi-Structured Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Hosted / On-Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Databases
  • Programming Language (such as R, Python, Java)
  • Remote Support
  • Servers (such as Hadoop, Apache)
  • Marketing
  • Operations/Production
  • Per User Basis
  • Product Development
  • Sales
  • Subscription / Licensing
  • Supply Chain
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