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ORACLE IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud in IoT Analytics

  • California, USA
  • 1977
  • $10BN to $50BN
Company Overview

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Asset Monitoring Cloud improves profitability through automated monitoring and alerting of assets. It offers real-time visibility into asset health and utilization, and predict future events. Oracle provides its services through 3 primary layers of the cloud: SaaS, PaaS, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Oracle IoT analytics offers solutions for various business applications through its products, including IoT Asset Monitoring SaaS app, IoT Platform integrated with Oracle Meter Data Management (MDM)/DataRaker apps, IoT Production Monitoring SaaS app, clinical trials solution with Oracle Health Sciences business unit, and IoT Fleet Monitoring SaaS app. It provides various services for AoT, such as education and training through Oracle University, support and maintenance, managed services, technology consulting, and analytics consulting. The associated services along with solutions help the company to enhance customer experience. The company pre- and post-sales services and support help retaining its existing customers as well as attract new ones.



Track and Locate Assets Instantly


Locate Assets

Track and locate assets in real time using modern IoT technologies.


Get Relevant Information

Leverage map-based interactive visualizations of location and asset health.


Leverage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Use built-in, configurable KPIs for asset health, utilization, and availability.


Ensure Availability of Assets


Monitor Health

Continuously monitor asset health to detect faults.

Predict Failures

Predict asset failure based on built-in asset reliability algorithms.

Resolve Issues

Manage timely resolution of issues via effective incident management.

Be Mobile Ready

Gain contextualized visibility and notifications on mobile apps.


Drive Predictive Maintenance

Spot Inconsistencies

Detect anomalies in asset health and performance.

Predict Fluctuations

Predict KPI and asset health fluctuations.

Act on Issues

Proactively generate maintenance incidents to prevent outages.


Built-In Enterprise Integration

Integrate with Oracle Inventory Cloud

Track inventory from the time the pallet leaves the supplier to the last mile.

Integrate with Oracle Service Cloud

Create service incidents in Oracle Service Cloud in real time and initiate condition-based maintenance.

Integrate with Oracle Product Management Cloud

Create a digital twin of connected assets and start a simulation, shortening the product development timeline.

Integrate with Oracle Asset Lifecycle Management

Import asset information from enterprise asset management.


Prevent Asset Theft and Misplacement

Control Usage

Create geofence boundaries to specify asset usage areas.

Get Notified

Get instantly notified when asset movement violates usage guidelines.

Be Compliant

Remotely control asset behavior to fix faults and ensure compliance.


Reduce Capital Purchases for Assets

Improve Uptime

Improve asset uptime with real-time monitoring and diagnostics.

Extend Asset Life

Extend asset life with predictive analytics and proactive maintenance.

Modernize Your Supply Chain

Seamlessly connect to your enterprise supply chain to create new business value and improve efficiency.


Oracle provides an IoT platform to develop new IoT services quickly, using Oracle portfolio of products. This enables organizations to handle growing volumes of data, streamline application development and deployment, automate integration of data, and protect the data across the entire IoT value chain. Oracle provides a variety of IoT analytics solutions, including Oracle IoT Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Oracle IoT applications with built-in analytics for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), anomaly detection, comparative analytics, and predictive analytics. Oracle also provides an IoT cloud service which is a secure and scalable platform to quickly build and deploy IoT applications, and capture and analyze IoT data.

  • Product Features and Functionality
  • Batch Data Processing
  • Directly
  • Real-time Streaming Data Processing (Data-in-Motion)
  • Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • Semi-Structured Data
  • Structured Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Hosted / On-Cloud
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostics Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Corporation Office (including Spreadsheet)
  • Programming Language (such as R, Python, Java)
  • Remote Support
  • Servers (such as Hadoop, Apache)
  • Any other Integration type
  • Customer Service
  • Poor integration
    The Oracle Internet of Things Cloud has poor integration with other technologies. Show More
  • Poor Network Connetivity
    The cloud faces frequent network outage.
  • Slow processing
    The Oracle Analytics Cloud platform takes a long time to generate a data model. Even though the solution can handle large data sets, rendering of reports can take a fairly long time if the parameter set is large. Also, if the search parameters are too large, such as spanning over a 24-hour period, the results take a while to load, sometimes resulting in the freezing of the web browser. Show More
  • Processing Limitations
    The Oracle Advanced Analytics program freezes when there are many users in the system. In addition, the row limits in the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise (OBIEE) are frustrating, especially when you have to export large data files. Show More
  • Slow processing
    The program times out while you are using it and you have to login again. Show More
  • On-Premise
  • On-Site Support
  • Full Time Equivalent
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Protocols for Data Collection (such as LAN, DNP3, SCADA, etc.)
  • Any Other Data Preparation Features
  • Any Other Data Presentation Features
  • Other applications
  • Security and Emergencies
  • Smart Retail
  • Security Services
  • Data Latency
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
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ORACLE IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Presence in IoT Analytics Software
Oracle caters to various industry verticals, such as government and defense, BFSI, IT and telecom, healthcare and life sciences, retail and e-commerce, transportation, energy and utilities, manufacturing, education, and media and entertainment. Oracle has a strong presence in North America, Europe, APAC, MEA, and Latin America and sales offices in North America, Europe, and APAC. The company is also improving its sales targets by having an indirect presence in APAC and Latin America through channels, such as resellers, OEM partners, and technology partners. Oracle has adopted a mix of organic and inorganic strategies to sustain its leadership position in the competitive AoT market. For instance, Oracle launched a cloud service called Oracle Integrator Cloud to support organizations with real-time data analytics. Oracle understands users’ challenges and comes up with viable solutions to improve their productivity. This is evident with the November 2016 launch of IoT Accelerator to leverage insights collected by IoT through the Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud. Deploying inorganic growth strategies, such as the acquisition of Dyn, a leading internet and cloud management provider in November 2016, is also helping Oracle to enhance its product portfolio.
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#2 Product Features and Functionality / Data Processing Features
#3 Product Features and Functionality / Data Analysis Technology and Methods
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#5 Product Features and Functionality / Data Presentation Features

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