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  • 2006
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RAPIDMINER in IoT Analytics


RapidMiner collates the entire data science lifecycle from data preperation to ML to predictive model operations. The platform offers a Visual Workflow Designer, which enhances productivity, quickens and automates the development of predictive models. The platform's Team Collaboration features handles and shares all work and data science artifacts in a centralized repository. RapidMiner Turbo Prep enables organizations to prepare data for predictive modeling and interactively access all the data to evaluate its health, completeness, and quality. RapidMiner Auto Model makes use of automated ML and best practices to create predictive models in five mouse clicks.


RapidMiner has been seamlessly integrated and enhanced for developing ML models. It helps organizations in designing models with the help of a visual workflow designer or automated modeling. The platform collaborates multiple datasets together and creates new columns using a simple expression editor. It automatically creates new features from data to enhance model accuracy. The platform also allows organizations to execute data prep and ETL inside databases to keep their data optimized for advanced analytics.

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