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Cumulocity IoT
  • Hessen, Germany
  • 1969
  • $500MN to $1BN

Cumulocity IoT Pricing & Demo

Cumulocity IoT Overview

Cumulocity IoT from Software AG offers significant benefits through which business users can carry out analytics from anywhere and everywhere in the world. Some of the benefits are listed as below:


Integrate any “thing”

  • This means connecting any asset, everything from buildings and cars to water meters and industrial machinery, and integrating that IoT data with any cloud service or core system or application, like the ERP system.

Keep IoT simple

  • Coding is not required to use the Cumulocity IoT platform and the start-up is as quick as 20 minutes. Cumulocity IoT is "both, faster and less complex” in platform deployment and maintenance than competing IoT vendors.

Act faster than your competition

  • Only Cumulocity IoT has the leading streaming analytics engine which is pre-integrated (that means less work for you) and empowers analyzing any size data (big and small).

Cumulocity IoT USP

The Cumulocity IoT from Software AG is an IoT platform which connects any device from any of the cloud platforms and can be integrated with any of the applications. The platform is very quick to start, in just ten minutes and in very simple steps. The platform offers the benefit of not requiring coding and analysis for business users and analysis can be carried out without coding or programming skills. Users require the same APIs, data and analytics models everywhere, in the cloud and on-premises.

Popular Comparisons

Evaluated against 276 key buying criteria
  • Batch Data Processing
  • Directly
  • Real-time Streaming Data Processing (Data-in-Motion)
  • Semi-Structured Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Hosted / On-Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostics Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Corporation Office (including Spreadsheet)
  • Programming Language (such as R, Python, Java)
  • Remote Support
  • Servers (such as Hadoop, Apache)
  • Customer Service
  • Operations/Production
  • Per User Basis
  • Product Development
  • Missing real time examples
    Although user-friendly, the Cumulocity platform should offer more real-time examples for helping users. Detailed process steps should be provided for smooth process understanding. Show More
  • Unattractive Visualization
    The default color scheme on the Advanced Analytics is not very appealing. Also, SAS Analytics'' advanced graphics packages are expensive, and are not very appealing or intuitive. The company should focus more on presentation, it could consider adding donut pie charts. Show More
  • Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • Structured Data
  • On-Site Support
  • Any other Integration type
  • Finance
  • Full Time Equivalent
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Virtualization
  • Location
  • Visualization on Mobile Devices
  • Any Other Data Preparation Features
  • Any Other Data Presentation Features
  • Other Data formats
  • Building and Home Automation
  • Connected Logistics
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Top Cumulocity IoT Features

#1 Product Features and Functionality / Data Analysis Technology and Methods
#2 Product Features and Functionality / Data Presentation Features
#3 Product Features and Functionality / Data Formats
#4 Product Features and Functionality / Data Analysis Techniques
#5 Product Features and Functionality / Data Processing Features


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