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Eurotech Everyware Cloud (EC)
Udine, Italy
$51MN to $100MN
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Eurotech Everyware Cloud (EC) USP

Eurotech Group provides hardware and software IoT solutions. They build flexible IT installations that can support new value-added services and asset monitoring applications.
Everyware Cloud is the device management platform offered by Eurotech. It is an open and modular IoT Integration Platform based on a micro-services architecture. 
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Everyware Cloud is the IoT Integration Platform for remote data and IoT deployment management and application integration. It provides all the services required for the management of IoT gateways and devices in the field, including configuration management, application life-cycle management and remote access.


Secure Device Connectivity: 
Everyware Cloud comes with standard-based interfaces and MQTT protocol to communicate with field devices. 

Real Time Data Management: It collects, stores and analyzes data from field sensors and devices to enable immediate analytics and trigger business decisions.

Adaptability: Everyware Cloud Platform can be used for any size of business right from start-ups to large IoT deployments.

Application Integration: It provides full APIs for integration with dashboards and business intelligence, mobile and enterprise applications, alerts and notifications and cellular connectivity and SIM management platforms.
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