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Azure IoT Hub USP

Microsoft announced two new offerings for the streamlining of IoT device management softwares: Azure IoT Hub device management and the Azure IoT Gateway software development kit. These products help developers, IT managers, and Operational Technology (OT) operators to efficiently manage IoT deployments. These platforms manage data from devices such as sensors, single purpose microcontrollers, and gateways. Request Azure IoT Hub Pricing to get more information.


Microsoft offered Windows IoT Azure DM Client Library which allows developers to easily add device management capabilities to their Azure connected Windows IoT core device. It connects the device management stack in Windows IoT Core with the cloud back-end based on Azure IoT Hub. Azure IoT Hub is a key building block for the implementation of IoT solution architecture using Azure services.

  • IoT Suite provides complete end-to-end implementation steps of this architecture for specific IoT scenarios.
  • Azure IT Hub provides the required features to enable device and back-end developers build robust device management solutions.
  • Azure IoT Hub also allows devices to communicate directly via a cloud gateway endpoint.
  • Azure IoT Hub device management equips IoT developers and operators to organize, monitor, query, and orchestrate changes across millions of heterogeneous devices.
  • Azure IoT Gateway SDK enables developers to build and deploy modules for edge intelligence, thus giving them the ability to optimize and process data before sending it to the cloud.
  • It also enables them to connect legacy devices to the Azure cloud without having to replace the existing infrastructure.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +14 On-Site Support
  • +5 Remote Support
  • +8 Data Analytics and Visualization
  • +10 Data Management
  • +7 Real-Time Streaming Analytics
  • +9 Security Solutions
  • +14 Large Enterprises
  • +7 Private
  • +6 Public
  • +5 Customer support service
  • +6 Documentation
  • +7 Support Program
  • +8 Support Training
  • +14 Consulting Services
  • +13 Integration
  • +6 Managed Services
  • +5 Support and Maintenance Services
  • +11 Bi-Annually
  • +13 Hybrid
  • +7 Focus on Innovation
  • -8 R&D Expenditure
  • -12 Network Bandwidth Management
  • -11 Remote Monitoring
  • -12 Annually
  • -9 Monthly
  • -13 Others, please specify
  • -10 Quarterly
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  2. Solution Features Offered / Data Management
  3. Services Offered / Integration
  4. Services Offered / Consulting Services
  5. Services Offered / Support and Maintenance Services
  6. Services Offered / Managed Services
  7. Solution Features Offered / Real-Time Streaming Analytics
  8. Solution Features Offered / Data Analytics and Visualization
  9. Solution Features Offered / Security Solutions
  10. Enterpises Catered / Large Enterprises
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