ORBCOMM INC in IoT Device Management

New Jersey, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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ORBCOMM is a top-notch company that offers effective IoT solutions to increase operational efficiency. Its innovative technical products make it one of the leading M2M industries. They offer award-winning GPS tracking products with a Cargo sensor that makes the user quite flexible in ongoing support.  ORBOCOMM includes an embedded platform that protects cargo without spending too much cost. They deliver a single high-end interface that manages the asserts across numerous networks effortlessly. CargoWatch® Secure is the product offered by the company which tracks assets in-transit and in-storage.

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CargoWatch® Secure is the product offered by Orbcomm which provides enhanced visibility of assets in-transit and in-storage as well as complete asset lifecycle awareness. 

  • Effectivity: ORBCOMM INC is very useful to improve fleet visibility with its world-class solution.
  • Process Optimization: They automate the business and eliminate human error by container management technique.
  • Save Time: The aim of this product is to protect the cargo and reduce time complexity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The products are specially designed for tracking the data and chalk out a better business plan as well as reduce the ultimate cost.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +5 Remote Support
  • +7 Real-Time Streaming Analytics
  • +9 Security Solutions
  • +14 Large Enterprises
  • +6 Public
  • +8 Support Training
  • +6 Managed Services
  • +12 Annually
  • +7 Focus on Innovation
  • +8 R&D Expenditure
  • +14 On-Site Support
  • +8 Data Analytics and Visualization
  • +10 Data Management
  • +12 Network Bandwidth Management
  • +11 Remote Monitoring
  • +7 Private
  • +5 Customer support service
  • +6 Documentation
  • +7 Support Program
  • +14 Consulting Services
  • -13 Integration
  • -5 Support and Maintenance Services
  • -11 Bi-Annually
  • -13 Hybrid
  • -9 Monthly
  • -13 Others, please specify
  • -10 Quarterly
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Top Features

  1. Services Offered / Managed Services
  2. Solution Features Offered / Real-Time Streaming Analytics
  3. Solution Features Offered / Security Solutions
  4. Enterpises Catered / Large Enterprises
  5. Support Activities Provided / Support Training
  6. Frequency of Support Service Offered / Annually
  7. Preferred Medium of Delivery of Support Services / Remote Support
  8. Deploment Model / Public
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