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WIND RIVER SYSTEMS INC in IoT Device Management

  • Alameda, California, USA
  • 1981
  • $101MN to $500MN
Company Overview
Wind River® Helix™ Virtualization Platform provides various options for critical infrastructure development needs, from highly dynamic environments without certification requirements to highly regulated static applications such as avionics and industrial, as well as systems requiring the mixing of safety-certified applications with noncertified ones, such as automotive.                  

  • Wind River® Helix™ Device Cloud is a device management platform for the IoT and helps organizations to reduce the complexities of building and operating large-scale device deployments.
  • It enables users receive the tools they need for deploying, monitoring, servicing, updating, and decommissioning IoT devices.
  • The platform is designed with a multi-layered security strategy that enables developers to implement security measures across each phase of the IoT device lifecycle via powerful built-in data encryption and device authentication technologies.
  • Wind River Helix Device Cloud also enables remote management and monitoring of IoT edge devices and gateways. It is a cloud-based service designed to manage and monitor IoT devices on a large scale.

Wind River has a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for harnessing intelligence to drive innovation and business transformation. It provides software and tools for developing infrastructure for the IoT. Wind River® Helix Virtualization Platform consolidates multi-OS and mixed-criticality applications onto a single edge compute software platform, simplifying, securing, and future-proofing critical infrastructure solutions in the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and automotive markets.

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