INFOSYS IoT Engineering Services

Karnataka, India
$10BN to $50BN
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Infosys IoT engineering services mainly deals with consulting, product designing, and developing the IoT ecosystem. With the help of a strong engineering team, the company helps its users in assessing, defining, and implementing optimal IIoT roadmaps and building smart connected products that enable them to create a new business process, revenue management, and analytics, to become more efficient and advanced. Request INFOSYS LIMITED Pricing to get more information.


Infosys is a pioneer in the IoT engineering services market. Infosys IoT engineering services holds engineering expertise in everything, ranging from sensors to insights, leading to the digital transformation of its clients. The company’s IoT engineering services help clients in realizing the tangible and significant benefits of IoT.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +13 New Services/Upgradations
  • +9 Large Enterprises
  • +8 SMEs
  • +10 Automotive and Transportation
  • +12 Embedded Platform Engineering
  • +5 Energy and Utilities
  • +12 Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • +13 IT and Telecom
  • +6 Maintenance Services
  • +14 Manufacturing
  • +11 Product Engineering
  • +7 Mobile Application Development
  • +8 Protocol and Component Development
  • +9 System Integration
  • +14 Testing and Validation
  • +14 Breadth and Depth of Product Offering
  • +7 Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • +5 Client Base
  • +11 Other backend services offered
  • +14 Unaddressed Gaps & Risk
  • -12 R&D Spend
  • -6 Focus on Product Innovation
  • -5 Product Features and Functionality
  • -11 Aerospace and Defense
  • -5 Analytics Services
  • -13 Cloud Engineering
  • -7 Data Design and Simulation
  • -14 Experience Engineering
  • -6 Other Industry Verticals
  • -13 Cloud Architecture
  • -12 DevOps
  • -6 HMI Engineering
  • -11 Middleware Development
  • -10 Platform Migration
  • -5 UI Design
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INFOSYS LIMITED presence in IoT Engineering Services

Infosys has devised its strategy to build strong client relationships by offering various technology solutions and services. The company aims at understanding the fast-changing client needs and delivering innovative IoT services to clients, worldwide. It focuses on streamlining the enterprise services, including cloud and infrastructure, enterprise intelligence services, and IoT engineering services. The company has been focusing on offering clients with advanced services that aim at serving them with cost-effective IoT solutions and service delivery models. This strategy enables the company to optimize its cost structure and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, the company emphasizes on building strong capabilities around its core business to achieve its strategic goals. Infosys further pursues to strengthen its core competencies using the strategies of agreements and partnerships. In 2016, Infosys partnered with mongoDB to gain technical ideas and build a strong IoT ecosystem for enterprises. The partnership helped the company grow and establish a joint innovation lab in Bangalore, India, which has a dedicated team of trained mongoDB architects.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Services Offered
  2. Focus on Product Innovation / New Services/Upgradations
  3. Core Services offered / Product Engineering
  4. Core Services offered / Embedded Platform Engineering
  5. Core Services offered / Maintenance Services
  6. Organization Size / SMEs
  7. Organization Size / Large Enterprises
  8. Industry Vertical / Automotive and Transportation
  9. Industry Vertical / Healthcare and Life Sciences
  10. Industry Vertical / IT and Telecom
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