TCS IoT Engineering Services

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
$1BN to $5BN
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TCS IoT engineering services support connected cars and transport solutions, connected health solutions, energy management solutions, asset performance management solutions, and the manufacturing transformation (industry 4.0) solution. The key benefits offered by TCS’ IoT engineering services include the reduction in costs and optimization of operations, development of superior next-generation products, improvement of customer experiences, enhancement on the Return on Investment (RoI), and reduction in errors and improvement of quality. Request TCS Pricing to get more information.


TCS is a leading technology service and consulting company. The company delivers its services globally with the help of robust channel partners and considers them a significant entity of its ecosystem. TCS IoT engineering services empower enterprise globally to design and deploy advanced IoT solutions. The company’s cost-effective services allow low-power sensors to effectively track and transmit monitored parameters for analysis to streamline the business process

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +13 New Services/Upgradations
  • +9 Large Enterprises
  • +8 SMEs
  • +10 Automotive and Transportation
  • +13 Cloud Engineering
  • +12 Embedded Platform Engineering
  • +5 Energy and Utilities
  • +14 Experience Engineering
  • +12 Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • +13 IT and Telecom
  • +14 Manufacturing
  • +11 Product Engineering
  • +12 DevOps
  • +11 Middleware Development
  • +7 Mobile Application Development
  • +10 Platform Migration
  • +8 Protocol and Component Development
  • +9 System Integration
  • +14 Testing and Validation
  • +7 Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • -5 Product Features and Functionality
  • -14 Breadth and Depth of Product Offering
  • -5 Client Base
  • -11 Other backend services offered
  • -14 Unaddressed Gaps & Risk
  • -12 R&D Spend
  • -6 Focus on Product Innovation
  • -11 Aerospace and Defense
  • -5 Analytics Services
  • -7 Data Design and Simulation
  • -6 Maintenance Services
  • -6 Other Industry Verticals
  • -13 Cloud Architecture
  • -6 HMI Engineering
  • -5 UI Design
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TCS presence in IoT Engineering Services

TCS possess strong service skills, and it has been continually expanding its addressable market by investing in unmapped geographies, newer industry verticals, and innovative service lines, and building a strong relationship with the existing client using the customer-centric approach. With its offerings in the IoT engineering service market, TCS aims at transforming and deploying new service models based on the operational intelligence and leveraging insights derived from legacy IoT systems to create a smarter IoT. TCS has a long-term growth strategy and intends to expand its expertise in the IoT engineering services market by investing in new technology centers. The company also focuses on unique research and technology-based solutions, such as Innovation Labs and Co-Innovation Network (COIN), Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM), and customer-centric engagement model to gain a competitive advantage. To grow in the upcoming areas, such as IoT and data analytics, and to update solutions, such as product engineering and development, the company is committed to making the necessary investments in partnerships alliances and relevant talent developments.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Services Offered
  2. Focus on Product Innovation / New Services/Upgradations
  3. Core Services offered / Cloud Engineering
  4. Organization Size / Large Enterprises
  5. Core Services offered / Product Engineering
  6. Core Services offered / Embedded Platform Engineering
  7. Industry Vertical / Automotive and Transportation
  8. Core Services offered / Experience Engineering
  9. Organization Size / SMEs
  10. Industry Vertical / Healthcare and Life Sciences