WIPRO LIMITED in IoT Engineering Services

Karnataka, India
$5BN to $10BN
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The key features of Wipro’s IoT engineering services portfolio include advanced analytics; disparate machines, software systems and consumers on a single platform; scalable and flexible technology; minimum disruption; and creating business applications. The service refines the business strategy using Proof of Concept (PoC)-Pilot-Production model and can support a wide variety of devices through multiple communication channels. Request WIPRO LIMITED Pricing to get more information.


Wipro offers comprehensive IoT engineering services, which helps transform many businesses. The company offers IP solutions, technical expertise, strong partner ecosystem, deep industry-specific knowledge, and a robust delivery mechanism to the users to advance their IoT ecosystem. The company helps the IoT engineering service users to achieve delightful customer experience, innovate and generate new revenue streams, optimize key business areas, reduce time and costs, and in proactive management

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +13 New Services/Upgradations
  • +9 Large Enterprises
  • +8 SMEs
  • +11 Aerospace and Defense
  • +10 Automotive and Transportation
  • +12 Embedded Platform Engineering
  • +5 Energy and Utilities
  • +14 Experience Engineering
  • +12 Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • +13 IT and Telecom
  • +14 Manufacturing
  • +11 Product Engineering
  • +6 Other Industry Verticals
  • +11 Middleware Development
  • +7 Mobile Application Development
  • +8 Protocol and Component Development
  • +9 System Integration
  • +14 Testing and Validation
  • +14 Breadth and Depth of Product Offering
  • +7 Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • -5 Product Features and Functionality
  • -5 Client Base
  • -11 Other backend services offered
  • -14 Unaddressed Gaps & Risk
  • -12 R&D Spend
  • -6 Focus on Product Innovation
  • -5 Analytics Services
  • -13 Cloud Engineering
  • -7 Data Design and Simulation
  • -6 Maintenance Services
  • -13 Cloud Architecture
  • -12 DevOps
  • -6 HMI Engineering
  • -10 Platform Migration
  • -5 UI Design
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WIPRO LIMITED presence in IoT Engineering Services

Wipro delivers services that are aimed at securing and simplifying the network infrastructure of enterprises. The company focuses on integrated strategies to become an innovator in offering robust IoT services. The objective of the company is to provide end-to-end IoT professional services to its clients. Wipro is a leading provider of maintenance and modernization services for IoT and its related technologies. The company provides high-tech, competitive range of services. Wipro has been devising its strategy for expanding and strengthening its professional service offerings in IoT using the strategies of partnerships and acquisitions with various vendors across the IoT value chain. For instance, in 2016, Wipro partnered with companies, such as Vectra Networks, IntSights Cyber Intelligence Ltd., and Oracle Corporation, who offer cybersecurity, for expanding its security services offering and serving its clients in the growing IoT market. The company also acquired Cellent AG to enhance its service offerings and serve its European clients. It strives to expand its customer base in the high potential and mature markets by establishing innovation and delivery centers in London, Edinburgh, Reading, New York, Atlanta, Mountain View, and Dallas. This move is expected to facilitate Wipro to understand and respond to the socio-economic environment in the US and the UK.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Services Offered
  2. Focus on Product Innovation / New Services/Upgradations
  3. Organization Size / SMEs
  4. Core Services offered / Product Engineering
  5. Core Services offered / Embedded Platform Engineering
  6. Core Services offered / Experience Engineering
  7. Industry Vertical / Aerospace and Defense
  8. Organization Size / Large Enterprises
  9. Industry Vertical / Automotive and Transportation
  10. Industry Vertical / Healthcare and Life Sciences
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