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Murano IoT Platforms was built by individuals who understand the process of developing, manufacturing, and deploying products. Therefore, the route of connecting products to a platform is much more simplified.

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Exosite, which is an IoT platform provider, launched Murano back in 2016. A cloud-based IoT software platform, Murano helps in the creation of an end-to-end ecosystem. It aids organizations with creating sophisticated connected solutions quicker so as to improve their time-to-market feature. Murano IoT Platforms provides the necessary services, tools, user interfaces, and infrastructure required by companies to develop end-to-end IoT solutions, thereby reducing the related risks, and supporting an IoT strategy that’s long term. 

Murano Pricing:

Murano pricing offers free evaluation trials, and is also available for purchase on the basis of various monthly subscriptions. For further details regarding the Murano Pricing plans, interested users can directly contact the company or may visit the website and request a pricing quote. 

Murano IoT Platforms Demo:

Murano does offer a demo. The demo can be opted for by visiting Murano’s website. 

Murano IoT Platforms Features:

  • Custom APIs
  • Enable yourself to define custom web-service APIs, which further lend the developers the freedom to decide which application logic and context is better suited for their solution
  • Help the customers get more efficient and creative with the standardized and popular application frameworks, since the APIs take on most of the complex functionality
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Integrate device data safely into third-party platforms, systems, as well as business tools, as these are the ones that the customers already possess, which allows them to unlock the importance of IoT
  • Get third-party integrations such as Salesforce, Twilio, and so on, along with cloud-based dispatch and data services, business reporting tools, CRM software, and the like
  • Application Hosting and Framework
  • Receive a full application that can be hosted with Exosite after combining the static application file hosting with the custom APIs
  • Develop a substantial IoT system for customers in one single place 
  • Device Connectivity and Security
  • Connect the different devices to the cloud and direct the data to IoT solutions in a quick and secure manner
  • Focus on increasing the functionality of the products without having to learn about the infrastructure of the system


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Murano Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Simple and Easy, Yet Highly Configurable”

The tool is supremely easy to use, and Murano also enables users and organizations to build customized views of machine data.
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James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“Murano is the Quickest Path from Prototyped Hardware to a Polished Online Offering”

Murano serves as a great platform and solutions for companies looking for effective sensors. Not only is the dashboard quick to respond, but it also provides easy access to every customer.
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