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Guru USP

The main aim of Guru is to help make the management system easy and self-integrated. Furthermore, it is completely self-analyzing and adapts with the functioning of the system and its various features. It allows for free storage of all the information in a systematic method and also provides suggestions to the users based on previous information.

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Guru knowledge management software is usable in the different companies for a unified functioning across all borders. Furthermore, it focuses on making the different parts of an organization or career into one unified unit, for proper functioning in the global sphere. On that same note, it aims to improve the communication of the officials in an organization in a systematic manner and also improves the sales and customer service quotients.

Guru Pricing

Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized Guru pricing based on your needs. For the best Guru pricing plans, contact the vendor.
Below are few Guru pricing plans-

  • Starter plan- Free (for an entire team of 10; more members cost $7 each)
  • Builder plan- $14 per month ( per user; first month free)
  • Expert plan- $ 24 per month ( per user; first month free)
Guru pricing has a specific plan for enterprises. Guru Knowledge Management Software pricing for enterprises promises 99.99% uptime.

Guru Demo

For an easier performance, Guru knowledge management software comes equipped with a demo version as well, to help the potential users with understanding the software.


Knowledge factor 

  • Improves the knowledge base of the organization internally
  • Allows the officials to know what the rest of their departments are working on, and run accordingly

Pre-installed Framework

  • Allows the officials to customize their system, with the help of a pre-made framework 
  • Aims to make the software simple to use and attractive to customers 

Accessible everywhere  

  • Usable in any device that a user is working on 
  • Available in different regions of the world easily and efficiently

Always working 

  • Works in the background constantly while the user saves something
  • Syncs with your devices and networks and facilitates easy access

Works with pre-installed software 

  • Adapts with other software easily and does not cause issues
  • Functions efficiently with many different formats and features


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Guru Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Customer satisfaction”

It allows companies to interact better with their customers, and solve their issues faster. Thereby, this improves the satisfaction of the customers.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020


This software stores the requisite information and also finds available recommendations while the user is working. It provides advice continuously, which saves the time of the users.
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