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Igloo Knowledge Management
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Igloo is a knowledge sharing, a collaboration platform that connects employees and transitions the workplace to a digital world. This helps to connect the workforce with resources and contents to achieve maximum potential and overcome complex challenges within the company. Customization and centralization of data help to achieve ambitious milestones. The integration of various tools makes workflow easy. The wide array of features helps end-users and administrators with equal zeal.

Igloo Pricing

Igloo Pricing is not displayed on its official website page. Business organizations can request a quote by filling and submitting the webform. Igloo Pricing is tailored and customized specifically for a company. Its pricing model is subscription-based which allows companies to receive support and training. Large companies can avail of volume discounts depending on the number of users.  

Igloo Demo

The Software offers a personal demo on the workings of the software on its official site. This can be achieved by clicking on the demo option and then filling and submitting the webform, thereby scheduling for a demo.


  • Integration of tools like G Suite, Slack, Zendesk, Power BI, Salesforce, etc, to enrich the content
  • Implementation of unique workflows and content target for specific employees or groups

Communication management

  • Blogging allows effective communication with employees by sharing culture stories, HR mandates, etc.
  • Allowance of the employees to share their ideas, discuss, and ask questions on forums

Personalized directory

  • Implementation of personal profiles of each employee along with their special skill
  • Easy access to employees and tasks given with relative ease with no time wastage

Document management

  • Integration of version tracking and rating of information makes the search quick and easy
  • Usage of drag and drop widget to enhance the smooth working of the workplace

Advanced permissions

  • Integration of admin permissions for varying levels of privacy
  • Evaluation of performance and access of certain information to specific employees or groups


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Igloo Knowledge Management Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“The next era intranet”

Organization and communication management have made work easier for the employees and the company. Broadcasting of information saves time and increases productivity.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“User-friendly team collaboration platform”

Easy to navigate and the integration of numerous tools makes the workflow smooth. Knowledge repository aids in a quick search and prevents time wastage.
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